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  1. jowel

    Announcement New beta version of Nifty Stats

    Hi all, We are constantly working to improve Nifty Stats to make our affiliate and Ad tracking software a real number one for you. Today we bring you a new beta version. You can try out the new features...
  2. trackwill

    Official Trackwill Tracker — 30 days for free + 30% discount for first year

    What is Trackwill? Trackwill — is a service designed to track, place and broadcast advertising in traffic networks. Key features: 99,99999 % uptime since 2015 on ~ 20 billion impressions per month; A / B test everything you want: paths, landing pages, offers, banners; High-speed TDS with...
  3. thehustler

    Affiliate Tracking issue

    Hi, trying to use bemob for bing ads and need help with - - Should I put "MSCLKID" in these fields 2019-06-02-082521 ? Does anyone know a really step by step guide on setting up bemob for bing? I am a newbie and I am having much problem. I am at this for over 2 hours but not able to setup one...
  4. T J Tutor

    Announcement What Affiliate Marketing Tools Do You Use The Most?

    The team at AffiliateFix is working to put together future opportunities with the tools you use most frequently! • Tell us briefly which software tools would you prefer to have free, lifetime access to? • What tools do you use the most? Examples: Adspy/competitive research tools, keyword...