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  1. trackwill

    Official Trackwill Tracker — 30 days for free + 30% discount for first year

    What is Trackwill? Trackwill — is a service designed to track, place and broadcast advertising in traffic networks. Key features: 99,99999 % uptime since 2015 on ~ 20 billion impressions per month; A / B test everything you want: paths, landing pages, offers, banners; High-speed TDS with...
  2. C

    Announcement Ad Serving Platform (Try for $0.99)

    Hello AF Members, We're an all-in-one ad serving platform based in Toronto, Canada. We're currently offering new clients a 30-day trial period for only $0.99. What can you do using our platform? Use it as an ad buyer (advertiser): Create campaigns/creatives and buy CPV/CPC/CPM traffic on our...