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Selling Traffic Top-Up Match Bonus & Valentine's Day Campaign Tips

Discussion in 'Business Centre' started by zeropark, Feb 10, 2021.

  1. zeropark

    zeropark Traffic Manager Traffic Manager affiliate

    Hey Guys!

    We know that some of you may be looking for love this Valentine’s Day season, while others may wonder who needs love when chocolate and pizza is life!

    Either way, Valentine’s Day can bring you amazing advertising opportunities. Read below if you want to know how to cash in on Valentine’s Day craze in 2021!

    ❤️ Is advertising with Valentine’s Day angle worth it in 2021?
    Definitely, yes!

    According to Statista, last year’s Valentine’s Day hit $27.4billion in the US alone. It’s worth noting that compared to 2019 sales, there was an increase of $6.7 billion. Also, 32% of the survey respondents decided to do their Valentine’s shopping online, coming second-place after brick-and-mortar shops.

    And that was still when regular shopping was even a thing.

    With such insights and numbers growing each year (not just in the US, but globally), running Valentine’s Day-related ad campaigns is an idea every digital advertiser should consider in 2021.

    ❤️ What target audience should advertisers focus on?
    Available data show that users between the age of 35-44 belong to top spenders, with age groups of 25-34 and 45-54 coming next. Also, men are generally expected to spend double the amount that women would spend.

    Although age or gender targeting isn’t always available, this can be solved easily. One way is to choose offers according to the age and gender group’s likings, then adjust the ad copy and creatives to match the audience you want to target.

    As for Valentine’s Day gift recipients, love couples, significant others, and spouses make for the top group. But Valentine’s gifts are also commonly bought for other family members, friends, co-workers, or even pets!

    Treating ourselves to something extra gains in popularity with both men and women, too.

    ❤️ What are the biggest gift trends for Valentine’s Day?
    Once we know people do want to buy gifts for Valentine’s Day, and we know who’s buying for whom, it’s time to answer the question of what Valentine’s Day gifts are the most popular. Of course, this also shows what holiday promotions are offered the most.

    Tips on the type of gift most people plan to buy include:
    • Candy
    • Flowers
    • Jewelry
    • An evening out (not this year, though…)
    • Clothing
    • Gift cards
    As opposed to the ideal Valentine’s Day gift idea that consumers claim would like to receive:
    • An experience (2021 revised, of course)
    • Candy
    • Flowers
    • Jewelry
    • Electronics
    • Apparel and beauty

    ❤️ Where to run Valentine’s Day ad campaigns?
    Next, let’s have a look at what countries generate the highest spend on Valentine’s Day gifts. Once again, the division (from the highest to the lowest average spend per person) comes as follows:
    • English speaking countries
    • Europe
    • Latin America
    • Asia
    • Africa and the Middle East.
    Bearing this in mind, advertisers still need to check whether GEOs falling into these categories convert with their campaigns. That’s why testing is a must-do item on any affiliate marketer’s list. Identifying the best performing units of traffic for a given campaign allows us to understand what campaign set up works best and where to scale up. Also, it prevents you from overspending your budget by leaving out the poor performers.

    To make your life a bit easier, and help you focus on already proven traffic, we researched the platform’s historical data and identified top-performing GEOs related to Valentine’s Day spending.

    Top-performing GEOs are:
    • English speaking countries: US, UK, CA, AU, NZ.
    • European countries: SE, DE, FR, IT, AL
    • South American countries: MX, BR, AR, CO, CL
    • Asian countries: PH, TW, IN
    • African countreis: ZA, EG

    ⚠️ If you want to learn more about:
    • How to research what offers are selling right now?
    • What verticals work best for Valentine’s Day?
    • How to use keyword targeting to achieve better results?
    • What are the best Valentine’s Day marketing strategies?
    • Valentine’s Day Whitelists

    And now it’s time for the real Valentine’s Day Treat!


    Join Zeropark and find a perfect match for your campaigns with the Valentine’s Day special...

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    ♡ Top up between $1000 - $5000 to get a 100% bonus! Psst... that’s a top-up match!

    Saving has never been sweeter, especially with our smokin’ hot deal.

    ☞ For more information shoot me a DM or contact us at support@zeropark.com

    With love,
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