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Tiny Change in Article = 1st page in Google

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by freetraff, Dec 22, 2005.

  1. freetraff

    freetraff Affiliate affiliate

    Tiny Change in Article Submission
    that Gave My Website 1st Page in
    Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL , AllTheWeb, AltaVista , etc.

    Today even 6 year old kids know that content is the king of Internet. If you have good and relevant content, search engines will find your site faster, people will visit this site more often, and you will be enjoying targeted traffic.

    The most popular strategy to get a wider publicity for your website content is article submission. Perhaps you already tried this. If not, go to any search engine and submit keyword 'article' or 'article submission', and you will see tons of pages dedicated to articles and their submission.

    Like many others, I also tried article submission for my website, and was effective. But under the harsh article flood on the market today, it is not that easy to get your website to the top of search engines. I already started to feel blue about article submission, and then it struck my mind...

    I can use anchor text with my keywords in the submitted articles!

    I tried it, and now I am on the 1st page in Google for my keyword with over 70,000,000 competing pages!!

    For those who do not know what is anchor text I will give a brief explanation.

    If you put website URL in the text, this URL will be clickable. This means when your point mouse to this URL, you can click it and get forwarded to the site page indicated in URL. Perhaps you noticed that sometimes you can see a simple text which is linked to a special URL. The text does not have any http://... in its body, but when you point your mouse to this text, you see that it's linked to URL. Clicking on this text will get you to the page indicated in the URL to which this text is linked.

    So, anchor text is a simple text that is linked to URL with the help of HTML code. In other words, anchor text is hyperlinked text like this Your Website Name

    Anchor text isn't new to Internet marketing at all, and I was really amazed why changing simple http://... in my articles to anchor text got me to the Google top. After asking some questions on Internet marketing forums I got the explanation.

    Today most of the search engines count heavily towards ranking of your website using anchor text. If you use the keyword or keyphrase of your website as the anchor text and link this text to your website URL, search engines will gulp this info faster and will rank you higher on this keyword/keyphrase. And now imagine that you have submitted your article with proper anchor text and URL to some article engines - they will distribute it worldwide. You will get hundreds of pages where the anchor text will be increasing your rank for any keyword you put in this anchor text.

    In my case, I had many articles that were already submitted to article directories. These articles got indexed by Google, having some PR. I just changed the info in article resource box, i.e. put anchor text instead of simple http://... You see: one little change gave me lots of pages with PR that had my keyword and my URL! Within few days I got on the 1st page in Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, AllTheWeb and AltaVista for my keyword.

    It worked for me, it will work for you too.

    Surely there are more tiny tips how to squeeze more from anchor text, but disclosing everything in one article isn't smart. Search on this topic, and you will find many useful things to get ranked higher with anchor text strategies.

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  3. Linda Buquet

    Linda Buquet Affiliate affiliate

    Hey freetraff,

    Thanks for the article, keep them coming!
  4. chenyingjing

    chenyingjing Affiliate affiliate

    Hi, freestuff
    Thank you for the efficient tips,still a mall question, by anchor text you mean a hyperlink to the target URL?
    Happy New Year.
  5. stephfoster

    stephfoster Affiliate affiliate

    Anchor text means the words you link to your site with. For example, I see you have cellularfactory.com listed in your signature. If you created a hyperlink to it like this: Cellular Factory , the words "Cellular Factory" would be your anchor text.
  6. freetraff

    freetraff Affiliate affiliate

    Confirm stephfoster's explanation. It is a huperlinked text. The text itself should work on your keyword.