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Ask Me Anything THRIVE Tracking Platform (The Ultimate Web & Mobile Tracker)

Discussion in 'Tracking' started by ipyxelcreations, Feb 13, 2015.

  1. ipyxelcreations

    ipyxelcreations Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Hey guys,

    This is Tom Fang, the founder of iPyxel Creations and creator of the THRIVE tracking platform: www.thrivetracker.com.


    Here's a complete walk-through of creating your first campaign, so you can see what it's like:

    Taking a page out of AdsBridge's notes and per Oliver's suggestion, I'd like to also offer an open forum to ask me anything about THRIVE, so please feel free to post your questions here.

    Below is the resource page and discussion page on AffiliateFix for THRIVE. You can find here the features of our product and also the updates we've made:

    Overview: THRIVE | Affiliate Marketing Forum | AffiliateFix
    Discussion: THRIVE | Affiliate Marketing Forum | AffiliateFix

    Inevitably, there will be questions about comparison between this tracker and that tracker, so I'll make some main points here that differentiate THRIVE:

    1) We don't run campaigns internally and we don't hire media buyers at iPyxel. We've been solely focused on building tracking products for the last 3 years.

    2) We are not an affiliate network who is also secretly in the tracking product business. This is all we do, and we want to make THRIVE the best product for you guys.

    3) Constantly improving. I'm not sure about all products, but most tracking products, are literally not in development any more and completely out of date. Check yours!

    4) Self-hosted. Our software can be self-hosted on your own servers. Your data is fully transparent, and everything can be exported via CSV. Our software handles much higher volumes than other dated self-hosted products.

    5) Cloud-hosted. We also offer cloud-hosted installs via our Managed Service for huge volume at significantly lower prices than our competitor.

    6) Cost Updating. Get exact cost data by uploading costs via CSV on a per campaign level or for custom variables so you get accurate profit/ROIs.

    7) Automation. Thrive is built with automation in mind. For example, if an offer goes down, Thrive has an offer swap function that allows you to instantly swap that offer from all of your campaigns for a different offer. You can bulk action many things through the interface and CSV uploads.

    8) Speed & performance. Super optimized on a software level, Thrive has the ability to process clicks AFTER the visitor has already been sent to his destination so it doesn't slow down redirects. We've run tests on internal setups of over 10 million clicks/day.

    9) Cross campaign drill downs. Multi-level drill down reports for multiple campaigns or even your entire portfolio at once.

    10) Bot filter/reporting and Cloaking modules coming soon.

    11) Our customer service is second to none and best in the industry. Ask any of our existing users.

    That's just some of the points where we differentiate.

    Other questions, please ask away! I am here to help!
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  2. ytz
  3. ada007

    ada007 Affiliate affiliate

    I am considering getting Thrive.
    Are there any detailed tutorials available, I cannot find any.
  4. ipyxelcreations

    ipyxelcreations Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    in the install, there is a "Video Tutorials" button accessible from the top left area of the Dashboard
    there is also a searchable support knowledge base at Log In - iPyxel Account

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