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This is "WHY I AM RICH"

Discussion in 'Success Stories and Bragging' started by CPAEXPERT, Nov 24, 2015.


    CPAEXPERT Affiliate affiliate

    Didn't you click because i wrote something weird in the title? You are eager to find out next. Because a WORD triggered your brain and your eyes that is the word " RICH" isnt? It is just an example i want to set, that why a user will click your ad? There are so many ads and why a user will click yours? You might be spending a lot, but not getting enough traffic and not making enough money. Now, everything has to do with the traffic. The more traffic you get, the chances are more for conversion, now the traffic should be well targeted too.

    So you need to "Think" to doing something different than others.

    What i suggest is to all the newbies who are new in this industry:

    • Create something that you love and that other people want or need.
    • Don't focus on 'trying to make money' but on a great user experience, engaging your visitor, making your site a fun / useful place for people to visit.
    • Give your users a reason to return time and time again and tell their friends about it and if you've picked a solid idea that is monetizable the money will follow.
    • Continually be optimizing your site for clicks. Do split testing and making changes constantly to try and improve conversion rates.
    • Create something that has the potential to go viral across the web.

    Get to know the list of all the affiliate products that are proven to make you more income.

    For instance, if you are into fitness niche, you can find out all the products that are being promoted in the top blogs. You can use search terms like “fitness + top blogs”, “fitness + blogs”, “fitness + best blogs” etc to find the good blogs in your niche.

    Make a list of all the products they are promoting. It won’t take you more than 10 minutes, so do it now. Replace “fitness” with your topic. Like, “marketing + top blogs” can give you a list of all the links that talk about the best marketing blogs.

    Once you make a list of 3 to 5 affiliate products, start finding relevant long tail keywords for them.

    You can use Long Tail Pro or SEMrush to find the best performing long tail keywords. I’ll show you how.

    1) Once you logged on to Long Tail Pro, enter any of the keywords that are related to the products you promote, click on “Find Keywords” to start keyword research.

    2) Now, once you click on “Find Keywords” it will allow you to add your seed keywords and pick the search volume with below 1000 monthly searches to rank higher in Google results for any product you want to rank for.

    By clicking “Generate keywords & Fetch data” it will give you a list of all the keywords you can choose from.

    Keywords research using Long Tail Pro

    3) In the final step, make sure to pick 3 to 5 long tail keywords that you can use on your blog posts naturally. That’s it! Start writing more contents by using those keywords and build backlinks for the pages to rank higher and increase your sales.

    Create awareness about the products you promote

    This is REALLY important and this is where all the money is.

    If you fail to do this part, you will fail to make sales. If you successfully create awareness about the products you promote, you are almost done in converting your readers into buyers. It’s as simple as that.

    See, you can’t make affiliate sales just by putting too many links all-over your blog or pasting banner ads everywhere. Affiliate marketing simply doesn’t work that way. You have to educate your blog audience about the products you promote to make more sales.

    If you are wondering how to do that, here are 3 simple ideas to educate your audience about the products you promote.

    Write honest product reviews: The best way to teach others about the products you promote is by writing reviews. Not just any random reviews but the genuine reviews. Most beginners write reviews just to increase their sales, they are least bothered about what they promote. If you are one among them, stop it! Whatever the product you are going to recommend, make sure to first use it. Then once you are completely satisfied with it, write a detailed and unbiased review about it. Share all the pros and cons so the readers trust you instantly. And buy what you recommend if they really need the products you recommend.

    Build links for the products you promote: If you want to increase your affiliate sales, you need more search traffic. To get that, you need more backlinks. I recommend you to either use Skyscraper technique or guest posting to build quality backlinks.

    Show banner ads at the most visible places: This is a no brainer. If your blog audience wants to know about the products you highly recommend, you need to use “banner ads”.

    Just believe in yourself and be honest with yourself. Consider affiliate marketing as a “work harder now and reap the benefits later” thing instead of “get rich quick scheme”.

    If you want to use strategy like Re-targeting then i have discussed about it in my other post, which might be helpful.
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  2. newbidder
  3. game333

    game333 Moderator moderator affiliate

    I clicked in because of you posted it LOL.
    Anyway in short you're elaborating the "show the value of the product to your customer".

    It so well explain that people on the left and on the right which differently advertiser and consumer, where advertiser focus too much on profit instead of having an angle of view from the consumer. E.g. why 60 day money back guarantee increase sales rate etc.

    I guess you have spend more than 4 hours writing this, appreciate give you a like. :)
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    CPAEXPERT Affiliate affiliate

  5. Neo0707

    Neo0707 Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks a lot :affiliatefix:
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  6. Judecd23

    Judecd23 Affiliate affiliate


    I read few of your post and really find it enlightening. Share more of your thoughts and wisdom, it's really very useful.

    Thanks Again.
    God Bless!
  7. Prince.AdSenceMedia

    Prince.AdSenceMedia Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Really very helpful information for newbies.
  8. Dr. Forum

    Dr. Forum Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for sharing this pal. It is good that you have pinpointed that people need to venture in places they are absolutely comfortable with. It matters a lot since you will have greater passion on what you are doing. Doing what you love is like engaging yourself in the hobby and you wont feel the burden of moving here and there to have things done. Implementing the above tips has enabled me go places when it comes to marketing of products and services all over the world.
  9. Maxx

    Maxx Affiliate affiliate

    Thank you man. This is real value.

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