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The Ultimate Guide To Nutra Vertical in 2021

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by zeropark, Mar 2, 2021.

  1. zeropark

    zeropark Traffic Manager Traffic Manager affiliate

    Hey guys,

    What's up with the nutra vertical? Is it still profitable in 2021? What's it even about?

    If you're looking for answers, you'll find that and much more in our ultimate guide to running affiliate marketing campaigns with nutra vertical in 2021.

    Are your campaigns ready for it? Let’s find out!

    ☑️ What is nutra vertical in affiliate marketing?
    Nutra is actually an abbreviation for nutraceuticals or nutritional supplements. These are not prescription drugs and medicine, but supplements and products with added health benefits. For example, dietary and beauty supplements or food additives.

    Within the nutra vertical there are more narrow niches such as health supplements, weight loss, weight gain, skincare, teeth whitening, brain enhancement, and male enhancement pills.

    In addition to the variety of verticals, you’ll also notice that the same products can appeal to very different demographics. That means you can use different angles for the same offer, which is especially good if you’re only starting with nutra ads. You get to test various options and have a chance to find the right market to pitch.

    It also means you can experiment and try running good, high-return offers with different target groups. Though we’d recommend waiting until you gain a bit more experience in the nutra department before trying the high-payout offers.

    A couple of important things to note with nutra and related verticals include:
    • Be careful of regulations in different GEOs,
    • Make sure you use Adult traffic for Adult items only,
    • The most common payout models for affiliates are CPA (cost per action) and CPS (cash per sale).
    ☑️ Is running nutra offers worth it in 2021? [COVID-19 UPDATE]
    After the bumpy beginning of the last year (to say the least) things have changed forever. Nobody has quite expected that the coronavirus limitations will go on for more than a year, completely changing the way we live, work, commute, exercise and entertain. Also, whoever had said that the work-from-home model was not possible in their workplace, was very much proved wrong.

    But what does the worldwide pandemic situation have to do with running nutra offers in affiliate marketing? Well, everything.

    Yes, most of the gyms worldwide have been closed for months. And our ideal vacation destination is most probably still our own couch or a backyard. One could think: Who’d need a perfectly sculptured bikini body anymore? Luckily for affiliate marketers running nutra offers, that’s not everything that this niche is about.

    As we have already mentioned, there are numerous other smaller niches within the vertical. And since necessity is the mother of all invention, there are new, smaller niches constantly emerging and adding up to the general vertical.

    ☞ What smaller niches are within the nutra vertical?
    Here’s an extended list of what products and offers can be found within the nutra, health and beauty, or weight loss niche.

    ✔ Skincare, beauty, and anti-aging products,
    ✔ Weight loss and dietary supplements or equipment,
    ✔ Vitamins and herbal supplements,
    ✔ Healthy lifestyle gadgets,
    ✔ Healthy eating plans,
    ✔ Nutritional supplements,
    ✔ Home workout equipment,
    ✔ Outdoor sports equipment,
    ✔ Muscle and back pain relief,
    ✔ Performance boosters,
    ✔ Testosterone boosters,
    ✔ Male enhancement and enlargement supplements,
    ✔ Brain support like memory boosters and focus enhancements.

    If you think these were in fashion pre-coronavirus times only, that’s a BIG MISTAKE.


    ☞ How to advertise nutra offers during the COVID-19 times?
    Each and every one of those angles can be applied to the current situation. With more and more time people spent at home, many took to various creative ways of using that extra time on their hands — taking extra care of themselves included.

    And with the gyms being closed, or with people being generally discouraged to exercise in publicly accessible spaces, home workouts and outdoor sports became a huge thing again. If not bigger than they have ever been. Well, we are all hoping we’ll come out of the quarantine one day, and we better come out looking good.

    Not to mention the general hype on keeping both your body and your mind in a healthy condition. After all, a strong immune system is a desirable thing at the moment. But so is sanity after months of being reunited with your closest ones more than you ever hoped for… only within a much smaller space than you’d wish for.

    Months into working from your living room (if you’re lucky), kitchen table, or even a walk-in closet, muscle contractions and back pain struggle is real. Not everybody is able to fit in a full-size working desk and a gamer’s chair into their so-called home office. Pretty sure we’re all missing the office chit-chat at this point… even Karen’s.

    With so much stress, anxiety, unfulfilled plans and dreams… and all this energy coming from countless bottles of wine and beer consumed throughout the quarantine for disinfection purposes, we’ve all made plans to come out of the quarantine completely renewed. But then again, due to basically being in lockdown for over a year now, little help never hurts.

    Also in the bedroom department.

    As you can see, there’s more than plenty of demand opportunities for nutra, health and beauty, as well as a weight-loss niche at the moment. All affiliate marketers have to do is find their offer, figure out the correct marketing angle or two, prepare your advertising strategy and start running tour campaigns.

    Always remember to test those for the best results, though. And if one of the angles doesn’t really work for you, the good thing is it can be easily adjusted to match another target sector.

    The opportunities are limitless, the supply is vast, and the demand is right there waiting for you to monetize it. So, what are we waiting for?

    Since at this point you do understand why now is the time to get on that money wagon, it’s time to learn how to make the most of your affiliate marketing campaigns running nutra offers in 2021.

    Let’s start with people.


    ☑️ Who’s into nutra, weight loss or health & beauty ads?
    Nutra works for all kinds of people, all over the world, all year round.


    Because there’s always a new beauty trend, seasonal hype, pandemic, or a new year, a new me type of situation to promote. One thing that billions of people have in common is…

    We all want to feel better, look better, do better… and we want it quick!Whether it’s summertime that’s just around the corner (last call for anyone who wants to lose weight and look good in their swimsuit while posing to those vacay pics in their backyard), or it’s the middle of the winter season when we all need some vitamin C (and other miraculous supplements… or a vaccine) to keep us healthy and happy — nutra vertical is a great business opportunity for affiliate marketers.

    When deciding on your target audience, the most important thing to do is to realize who the products you’re about to promote are meant for.
    • Is it a male or a female-targeted product?
    • What age group are you about to tap into?
    • What language does your target audience use?
    • Is it a large or small niche of potential consumers?
    • Where is the product most popular? (continent, country, region).
    • Is it a seasonal type of product? When’s the peak?
    • How do usually people engage with the product? Online or offline?
    • How and to whom are similar products advertised?
    Other questions that also might be useful when thinking about your consumers are:
    • What are the benefits of the product?
    • What makes the product you advertise unique?
    • What are the best ways to communicate with your target audience?
    • How to motivate or prompt your potential consumer into taking the desired action?
    One of the biggest advantages and disadvantages of nutra and related verticals is that they’re very seasonal. The dynamic nature of nutra, weight loss, or health and beauty verticals means you need to stay up to date with the latest trends and adjust your marketing efforts accordingly.

    ☑️ How to choose nutra offers that convert?
    There’s a number of available offers on the market, and there’s even a greater number of factors that influence whether a given offer can turn out really profitable for you. Of course, we cannot account for all the factors beforehand, but it doesn’t mean we cannot give you a few tips on how to select offers that could do well with your affiliate marketing efforts.

    The three most important things to take into consideration when deciding on what kind of offer to sign up for are:
    • What kind of a product or service does the offer actually promote?
    • How does the desired conversion flow look like and how easy does it make for a user to convert? What are the customer payment options?
    • What are the available payout models and what conditions need to be met in order to get paid?
    An additional thing to look for is the extra resources that may or may not come with the offer, for example, readymade and customized landing pages or ad creatives, etc. Also, any other regulations or limitations, often due to GEO restrictions or local laws, should be accounted for and realized beforehand. Then, see how the overall picture fits your affiliate marketing strategy, and voila! You now know what to look for in an offer to find your perfect match.

    ☞ Assess products’ demand and popularity.
    Apart from knowing what it is that you’re about to promote to people and actually try to make them buy it, it’s good to know as much as you can about the product or service. There are many ways to check whether there is demand for your offer’s offering, but the simplest of all is Googling it.

    No, literally… like just Google it.

    You’ll be able to check the product’s competition, see the most frequently asked questions about the product, decide on the marketing angle, learn its benefits, and later propose them to others. Basically, it’s an open book of tips that you can literally rip and run and use for your campaigns. Naturally, we advise doing that within reason. You don’t want to just copycat other people’s content — a little inspiration is more than welcome but always remember to give it your own spin.

    Apart from Googling things, or checking Google Trends (see the screenshot below), referring to a spy tool of your choice might also be a good idea. As long as you remember about the inspiration over copycatting part.


    ☞ Analyze the conversion flow and customer payment options
    Why would you care about the way your people who engage with your offers and the side to convert actually pay for the products? Well, maybe because whether they’ll convert or not depends on how easy and credible the process looks for them.

    Below you’ll find a detailed description of some of the more popular payment options for customers engaging especially with nutra, health and beauty, or weight loss offers.

    → Direct sale or Straight Sale model (DS or SS)
    The most typical payment model where customers pay the product’s full price upon purchasing it online, usually straight on the offer’s landing page. It’s definitely a sure-fire solution for affiliate advertisers as the payment is made, and so the conversion process is completed.

    Although the DS/SS offers may have a lower earning potential, the payouts can be earned a lot quicker than with other payment methods (more on that below.) This is because conversions are recognized immediately, hence such campaigns are easier to manage. When already more advanced in your affiliate marketing efforts, other options may be taken into consideration.

    → Cash on delivery (COD)
    As the name suggests, payment is done once the product gets delivered and received. That does not mean you need to worry about the shipment, though. It’s about users leaving their contact details so they can be later contacted by dedicated teams, and only then can the customer decide if they want to buy the product or not. Once the purchase is confirmed over the phone/email, the product is delivered, and only then the payment is made.

    As much as it may seem easier to get people to leave their email address or phone number rather than to get them to buy a product directly on the page, the bounce risk is really high here. People can change their minds at any time and there’s no guarantee that they will actually complete the conversion process and purchase the product you’ve promoted to them.

    Then again, this method may seem a lot safer to many customers rather than the direct on-page sale and the need for online payment. Think especially about countries where online payments are still not a thing or elderly people who may be wary of online transactions.

    So, as much as this may seem the ultimately best or the worst model, think about whether it fits the products’ target market and how well you’ll be able to manage such campaigns.

    → Trials
    Yes, trials are exactly what you’ll be offering. Trial offers provide a free trial or a sample of promoted products in return for customers address (so the sample can be shipped), contact details ( for the future lead nurturing), and billing the beta (in case customers would like to further engage with the promoted product once the trial finishes).

    Before any trial begins, leads (people who left their details) need to be verified. Once their name, address, and billing data are confirmed as valid they become approved leads, and products are sent over. The shipment is made without the leads having to pay for the order just yet, or paying only a discounted amount, that’s the trial offer after all. The first billing comes after a fixed amount of time — usually a week or so.

    If clients then want to stop the trial or a trial subscription, they’d need to cancel it in order not to be billed anymore. In case clients would like to continue and receive the products again, they don’t need to do anything. Products will be delivered to them after a fixed amount of time, and they will be billed accordingly.

    This may seem like a wonderful idea for an offer to be promoted, as you basically give people free stuff… and if they like it, they just continue to receive it. Still, the fact that clients are actually required to provide you with their contact address and billing data may become a bit of a turnoff. That’s why trial offers may become a hit or miss thing depending on your experience and campaign optimization skills.

    ☑️ Where do nutra, beauty & weight loss offers perform best? [TOP GEOs]
    When it comes to targeting GEOs that are currently trending for nutra offers, remember to rely on up-to-date information only. This variable tends to fluctuate a lot, and what’s a top location this month, may not be the best in the next one.

    Still, we’re able to identify areas showing strong or stable performance for the nutra vertical.

    ★ English-speaking countries: US, CA, UK, AU.

    What to promote?
    • weight loss
    • muscle gain and fitness supplements
    • prescription drugs
    • teeth whitening
    • skincare
    ★ LATAM countries: MX, BR, AR, CO but also SE, PT.

    What to promote?
    • weight loss
    • muscle gain and fitness supplements
    • prescription drugs
    • teeth whitening
    • skincare
    • male enhancement
    ★ European countries: DE, FR, IT, SE, PT, DE, NT.

    What to promote?
    • weight loss
    • health supplements
    • teeth whitening
    • skincare
    ★ APAC region with countries: CH, TW, IN, TH, PH, ID.

    What to promote?
    • dietary products
    • muscle gain supplements
    • prescription drugs
    • skin whitening
    • parasite treatment
    • male enhancement
    In order to find out what GEOs perform best at a given time, always contact your support team or ask your dedicated account manager with your affiliate network of a traffic source. Alternatively, we recommend checking our forum updates or signing up for the Traffic Insights newsletter to receive weekly data from Zeropark straight to your inbox.

    ⚠️ If you want to learn more on:
    • Where to find the best nutra offers?
    • How to advertise nutra offers for maximum profits? [BEST AD FORMATS]
    • Targeting and optimization tips for scaling your nutra campaigns.
    • Marketing ideas for nutra niche. [ADs & LANDING PAGE EXAMPLES]

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