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The Ultimate Datafeed Site?

Discussion in 'Programming and Scripts' started by 45n5, Mar 2, 2007.

  1. 45n5

    45n5 New Member

    If you could build the Ultimate Datafeed Site what would it look like?

    What features would it have?

    What kind of content would it have?

    Would it have a community or user generated content?

    Would it be a niche or may topic website?

    Would it update automatically?

    Keep in mind some of the answers may end up in a future site of somebody that reads this thread or one of my own sites ;-) So don't list anything you don't want known publicly.

    (or just email me the juicy ideas mark at 45n5 dot com ;-)

    What would the ultimate datafeed program look like that doesn't exist today?

    Just curious, not that I want to build one anytime soon, but I've never had much luck with

    1. upload datafeed that 400 other websites use
    2. get buried in the search engine for that content (if it gets indexed)

    Thought it might be a good conversation starter.
  2. terraleads
  3. Linda Buquet

    Linda Buquet <span style="color: #daa520;font-weight: bold;">Me

    Hi Mark,

    All great questions. I'm interested to hear what people think on this too!
  4. clyderose

    clyderose Affiliate affiliate

    hi mark,

    i have heard of people creating their own unique content while using datafeeds, in the sense u do a bit of programming and have a program to generate html that will inturn pull the feed.

    this gives your site unique content....taken care of the seo bit......

    most people say look for a niche........where do you look for a niche...... the internet is booming what is a niche .......one can find all the information you look for on the internet....i personally think every body is looking for niches now but the segments are few....of course there is no possible way for me to know all the segments......what i belive is in doing it differently n smart

    i do know a couple of affiliates of mine who are developing some crazy datafeed sites.....when every site is selling flowers and doing it the same way, you find a different way of doing it and make sure it will help you with the seo...you work hard on it.....its never easy.....you spend time are dedicated and it should work out slowly.......

    u just cant start off with a community driven site......a user needs to drive a community........and interaction is the most important.......if u know digg.....someone had to go there and post there must have been a bunch of users but now digg just drives itself.......its not a datafeed site but just something that i thought might help.....

    i mentioned interaction see the interaction on digg i just read the comments not even the articles sometimes....that interaction gets people hooked on when you can have people opinions from all around the world....u get to learn a lot more from the comments rather than the articles :)

    anyway i had typed this around 7 hours ago but forgot to post it :)
  5. AffiliateSeeking

    AffiliateSeeking Affiliate affiliate

    I already have a datafeed site. lol

    But anyway, the main thing that a datafeed site really needs is functionality and good navigation plus many otions.

    There is no point in having a datafeed site full of thousands of products if you can't search each individual product.
  6. muskratviking

    muskratviking Affiliate affiliate

    A datafeed site that had a feature to make the descriptions for the content unique. Now that would be ultimate!
  7. AffiliateSeeking

    AffiliateSeeking Affiliate affiliate

    Yep, them description things would be good, but quite hard to do, but also probably not impossible. But then if this will be software that many will use or purchase, then even them unique descriptions will probably run out as there will be hundreds of unique descriptions needed to be made for every person that uses the software.

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