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The Challenges of Mobile Tracking

Discussion in 'Mobile Marketing' started by Graybeard, Jan 13, 2019.

  1. Graybeard

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    These people know what they are talking about ...

    Why Mobile Affiliate Marketing Doesn’t Work Today (& How to Fix it)
    The pipes of mobile function differently, with mobile websites, different mobile devices, and the addition of mobile apps — creating new dimensions when it comes to affiliation and tracking.

    Pixels Don’t Fire

    Desktop tracking relies on pixels, a snippet of code that picks up the end-user’s identification, aka a cookie. Pixels rely on the user’s browser to track conversion, which is easy to set up, but on smartphones, cookies are blocked as a default setting — meaning cookies are never placed on a user’s mobile device. More recently, workarounds are being created for the mobile web, but today no solution exists that allows for pixels to consistently fire into a mobile app as cookies are never used in the app world. It’s complex to find a unique identifier that can be passed back to accurately attribute.

    Ad Blockers Disable Tracking

    Up to 30% of mobile users block ads on mobile and considering only half of smartphone users are aware that this is possible, adoption is expected to increase. Ad blockers disable tracking services, essentially anonymizing the user’s session through EasyPrivacy tracking protection filters. If you were able to put mobile tracking in place, this will effectively be destroyed.

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