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The Best way to make extra money

Discussion in 'Success Stories and Bragging' started by sprite, Aug 7, 2006.

  1. sprite

    sprite Guest

    Hello guys

    I think PPC is the best way to make extra money, because there are 1000 of PPC in the market still everyone is earning , what do you think?


  2. Voluum
  3. Lisa76

    Lisa76 Affiliate affiliate

    Hi Sprite

    PPC can be a great way of earning money if you know what you're doing. It can also be a way to lose a lot of money fast if you don't analyze your conversions regularly. Some people can really master this form of advertising, unfortunately I haven't been too successful.
  4. sprite

    sprite Guest


    I can tell you how you can be successfull, if you need assistance I am here to guide you let me know

  5. StephenR

    StephenR Affiliate affiliate

    :) I see this topic quite a bit among my other haunts. PPC is a two edged sword...but it doesn't have to be. Just knowing how to use PPC campaigns is not enough and in my opinion only makes up about 33% of your overall PPC campaign.

    Umm...OK Stephen is a lunatic.

    Let me explain.

    Real World Example from Clickz:
    The more paid search bid prices increase, the more critical a site's conversion rate becomes to simply remain in the game. Plain and simple if your landing page or the landing page your going to promote (affiliate program) is not smoking hot and compels YOU to buy the product/service your PPC results will be dismal at best.

    If you're going to promote your own product/service or an affiliate program make sure your landing page is T. I. G. H. T. tight, aesthetically pleasing with minimum navigational links...and test multiple versions.

    Don't skimp here and HAVE a copwriter write the landing page for you if you can afford it. Lower ticket items you can get away with having weak ad copy as long as the page is aesthetically pleasing and original. But anything over the notorious $97 is going to take some compelling ad copy to convert well and have people reaching for their wallet.

    Affiliates often get frustrated their PPC campaigns have moderate click thrus with no results.....hmm....why does this happen? Because there's a gazillion other affiliates doing the same thing YOU are. That is using the merchant or retailers generic landing pages or ad copy.

    Individualism and originality that seperates you from the rest of the pack is the key here.

    Things I do before I set up a PPC campaign

    1. Would I buy the product?

    2. Is the landing page perfect or do I need to build one? (For affiliate programs) *Hint: some affiliate managers will create custom landing pages for you. It's part of their job...ASK!

    3. What is the minimum PPC bid for the main keyword? Easily checked in Adwords....also if this happens to be high $1 or more think about setting up a niche content site around it and market the affiliate program on the side :)

    4. Take that main keyword and plug it into www.nichebot.com or the tool I use www.keywordelite.com to uncover the targeted niche keywords. These are your bread and butter if the main keywords are too steep to bid on. The total amount of people who search for these terms will be much less but they will be a highly targeted and receptive audience.

    5. Make your PPC ads stand out. PPC ads should be headlines. Headlines get attention, deliver a complete message and pull you in...that's why they're headlines. :)

    So which is better?

    "Make $100,000 working from home."
    "Make $100,000 working from home this year."

    Obviously the second one because it has a greater sense or urgency. I know that's really basic but I hope you catch my drift.

    6. Make another headline and split test the ads. Kill the weak one. (PPC is all about testing too.)

    In the long run YES PPC advertising is a viable and profitable solution when properly done. But it takes...well...work. And more than I'm willing to put it in nowadays w/o someone who specifically sets up PPC campaigns on your staff.

    I am much more interested in other advertising mediums such as article marketing which privides life long benefits, fast indexing and laser targeted visitors....but that is another story. :)
  6. DCH_Admin

    DCH_Admin Guest

    Not sure if PPC is great


    I am not very sure if PPC is a great idea, we tried PPC on our websites www.discountcityhotels.net and www.discountcityhotels.com for all mojor hotel keywords and accommodation deywords, but the results was it break even, so we decided to go with affiliate program and hey boy, that kicked in in the first week we acheived 9 sales, not the best but this money would have wasted in PPC

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  7. J.Albright

    J.Albright New Member

    PPC Rocks, if you know what you're doing...

    Even today, take away all the fluff and filler, probably the best business out there for a newbie, or anyone to start, today, and be making money tomorrow is PPC to Clickbank sites...
  8. affbld

    affbld Affiliate affiliate

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  9. Anny9

    Anny9 New Member

    Well!! I agree with you... pay per click... is a concept which is not going to work any longer... actually m very new to the affiliate world and believe me m finding it a great way to earn... cheers!!
  10. LifeofEgypt

    LifeofEgypt Guest

    I like PPC also as i do a lot of testing to see what works. I use many of my PPC headlines in other ads that i run elsewhere as they have proven to work. Again you must test, test and test again.
  11. Ernest

    Ernest Affiliate affiliate

    Yeah PPC is good but if you're new to it, I would suggest to read about it and how to work it. ;) Like other's have said, you can lose money if you don't know what you're doing.