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Official The Best Adult Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketing in 2021

Discussion in 'Adult Marketing' started by zeropark, Jan 12, 2021.

  1. zeropark

    zeropark Traffic Manager Traffic Manager affiliate

    Hey guys!

    If you’d like to try your luck with adult marketing, then it’s probably one of the best ideas you’ve ever had.

    Not sure where to start?

    Read the article to find out what are the best traffic sources for adult advertising & how to make money with them!

    ☑️ List of top adult traffic sources for 2021
    Trusting that the adult niche has no more secrets for you, and you’ve got all the information that your heart desires, now it’s time to go through the ultimate review of the top adult traffic sources in 2021. Starting with...

    1. TrafficJunky

    TrafficJunky is naturally one of the key advertising networks when it comes to adult advertising. If you’re a digital marketer looking to display your ads on some of the world’s biggest porn websites, then this Canada-based company offers exactly what you need.

    It has vast amounts of adult traffic opportunities, a variety of formats and sizes to best engage your audience, cross-device targeting, global reach, and a team of adult advertising experts. Also, it enables more freedom when it comes to the creation or customization options of your ad specs than any other adult traffic ad network on the market.

    ☞ TrafficJunky in numbers:
    • 150 million daily average visits.
    • 3 billion daily ad impressions.
    • 78% male vs. 22% female audience.
    • +20 GEOs available.
    • 14 times more daily ad impressions than YouTube.
    ✔︎ Advertising and targeting options summary:
    • Top publishers: Pornhub, RedTube, YouPorn, 8Tube
    • US, UK, DE, FR, CA are the top-performing GEOs.
    • A variety of related verticals: gaming, gambling, food delivery, health & beauty, dating, adult live cams, adult VOD/PPV.
    • Available targeting options include cross-device targeting, auto-optimization options, time/day targeting, keyword targeting, flexible geo-targeting, ISP database, flat and/or bidding pricing models, sexual preference targeting, frequency capping, API.

    2. ExoClick

    ExoClick is one of the biggest advertising networks in the world, offering a whopping 8 billion ad impressions daily and +20 various ad formats. Also, it’s mainly an adult-oriented ad network. That and it’s interesting targeting and retargeting mechanisms give marketers a unique chance for obtaining premium adult traffic for their ad campaigns globally and cross-device.

    Talking about ExoClick’s mechanisms and what the company offers, there are a few things to be noted. First, this adult traffic source gives advertisers access to the world's largest adult traffic inventory. Second, the behavioral targeting or re-targeting option allows you to follow up on specific users who have already shown interest in your product or service. Next, the variety of ad types presents the opportunity to target users from different angles and on different levels of engagement or activity.

    ☞ ExoClick in numbers:
    • +8 billion daily ad impressions daily
    • +248 billion geo-targeted ads monthly
    • 65,000 desktop/mobile publisher platforms
    • 70% mobile, 30% desktop
    • +30 GEOs available
    • +20 ad formats available
    ✔︎ Advertising and targeting options summary:
    • Top GEOs include US, UK, CA, DE, FR, ES, IT.
    • A variety of related verticals: dating, live cams, nutra, gaming.
    • Apart from an extensive list of targeting options, behavioral targeting and retargeting are available.
    3. TrafficStars

    TrafficStars is known to offer premium adult traffic for all marketers and media buyers interested in this lucrative niche. If you’re looking to get exclusive adult traffic ad placements and advanced advertising solutions, then this ad network is surely one of the better-known adult traffic sources. This is mostly thanks to smaller adult platforms such as xHamster, which have a surprisingly large global reach.

    Another strong item on the TrafficStars menu is a wide selection of available advertising formats ranging from the classic banner, push, or native ads to video IM siders to video X pre-rolls.

    ☞ TrafficStars in numbers:
    • 3 billion ad impressions daily
    • 65% mobile, 35% desktop
    • 8 ad formats available
    • +10 GEOs available
    ✔︎ Advertising and targeting options summary:
    • Most known porn website: xHamster.
    • Top GEOs include US, DE, UK, FR, IN, JP, IT, BR, CA, ES.
    • A variety of related verticals include: dating, adult cam/VOD, nutra, gaming.
    • Other features: vast targeting, varied pricing, exclusive marketplace, programmatic API.
    4. Zeropark

    Zeropark is an industry-leading self-serve platform for digital marketers. Although we don’t specialize in adult traffic exclusively, Zeropark is able to provide its clients with top-quality adult traffic meant for both adult-only and/or mainstream channels. In that way, Zeropark enables its clients to tap into greater ad inventory and reach various types of audiences.

    Apart from the traffic coming from adult sources, there’s a number of other campaign verticals available. Many of which (nutra, male enhancements, or downloads to name a few) offer traffic placements that prove profitable for those looking to enter the adult audience niche. That’s why, to provide high-quality traffic to Zeropark’s advertisers, and an excellent user experience for our publishers and their audiences, thorough policy guidelines and procedures are set in place.

    To top things up, Zeropark offers one of the largest ad inventories available on the market right now, as well as advanced targeting, automation, and optimization options. All this gives Zeropark a top spot among some of the best advertising networks in the ad-tech industry. And surely, one of the top placements when it comes to adult traffic sources in 2021.

    ☞ Zeropark in numbers:
    • 3,5 billion ad impressions served daily
    • + 5000 active advertisers
    • 37 700 running campaigns
    • +20 GEOs available
    ✔︎ Advertising and targeting options summary:
    • Top-quality adult or mainstream sources.
    • Adult traffic exact/broad keyword or URL targeting (Pornhub, xHamster, RedTube).
    • Top GEOs include US, CA, UK, LATAM, DE, FR, IT, SE, TH, PH, ID.
    • A variety of related verticals include nutra, male enhancements, downloads, antivirus, gaming, casino/gambling.
    • Other features: robust targeting, Traffic Calculator, multiple ad formats, exclusive marketplace (adult traffic offers and/or other affiliate marketing software deals) & programmatic RTB.
    5. Traffic Factory

    Traffic Factory’s inventory comes from both exclusive and non-exclusive sources, among which are some of the biggest adult sites on the web — xvideos.com and xnxxvideos.com. Surely this can explain why it’s considered one of the top adult traffic sources available on the market. And although they claim to be the pioneer of RTB advertising they may be a bit dated (just like the Traffic Factory's self-serve platform interface to tell you the truth), their 6 billion ad impressions served daily are definitely impressive.

    What makes Traffic Factory one of the go-to places for all those who want to monetize their offers using adult traffic is definitely the ad network’s reach. Traffic Factory offers some of the biggest adult traffic volumes on the market, which translates into some of the biggest monetization opportunities available for adult advertising.

    ☞ Traffic Factory in numbers:
    • 10 years of experience on the market
    • 6 billion daily ad impressions
    • 200 million daily visitors
    • 8 ad placements available
    • 87% mobile traffic, 12% desktop traffic, 1% feature phone
    ✔︎ Advertising and targeting options summary:
    • Top adult websites: xvideos.com and xnxxvideos.com
    • Available targeting options include cross-device targeting, day parting, budget capping, frequency capping, custom display rate, re-impressions, global GEO targeting, and GEO-fence targeting.
    6. EroAdvertising

    EroAdvertising is an ad network specializing in adult traffic only (as the name suggests). This self-serve platform provides both traffic monetization tools and deep targeting options. The company has surely grown to become a major adult advertising platform and is known to get just the right kind of traffic for their clients.

    Providing billions of ad impressions daily across various ad formats (such as pop, redirects, banner, and native ads), Ero Advertising offers a large inventory of adult traffic. Placements come from all over the world, with geo-targeting available for almost 200 countries on multiple devices. Additionally, its exclusive Geomatic ad tool automatically displays ad creatives based on the niche and geo-location chosen by media buying teams. It’s definitely one of the top adult traffic sources offering advanced tech-solutions and vast adult traffic opportunities.

    ☞ EroAdvertising in numbers:
    • +15 years of experience on the market
    • Billions of ad impressions served daily
    • 200 countries available
    • +10 ad formats available
    ✔︎ Advertising and targeting options summary:
    • Available targeting options include language targeting, cross-device targeting, day parting, group targeting, and geomatic targeting.

    7. Adsterra

    Adsterra is one of the top ad networks connecting advertisers and publishers from all over the world. It offers more than a billion ad impressions daily and helps to target almost 250 countries globally. This platform allows for maximum reach with cross-device targeting and advanced optimization solutions while offering a number of available ad formats (pop, push, native and social ads included). What’s also important is that Adsterra offers more than just adult traffic, there’s a number of verticals available.

    Still, its rich inventory of ad formats, including native and social traffic, is often mentioned to be one of Adsterra’s biggest advantages. Add adult advertising possibilities and such a combination can surely bring profitable results.

    ☞ Adsterra in numbers:
    • 1 billion ad impressions served daily
    • +18 000 publishers
    • +20 targeting filters available
    • +6 ad formats available
    • +9 verticals available
    The above list of top 7 adult traffic sources is a careful selection of industry-proven ad networks that provide high-quality traffic and top-notch experience for all parties involved. Naturally, there’s a number of traffic sources available on the market, each offering different options and level of service. Given the number of available adult networks, each advertiser should find one that meets their needs and offer just the kind of traffic, targeting, and ad formats they need.

    ⚠️ If you want to learn:
    • How to make money with adult advertising?
    • How to choose adult ad networks?
    • Where to find the best adult offers?

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    MOST EXCELLENT! Any member can jump right in and start earning with this information.

    As usual zeropark, incredible content and instructions!
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    Great post! Very detailed descriptions as well. Fair played @zeropark
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    Seriously what about adult force .. that's the website I use. has that been reviewed?
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    Thanks for this detailed info. It helped me for sure!