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Targeted traffic



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Targeted traffic is great traffic.

If you have a site about strawberry ice cream, you want visitors who are interested in strawberry ice cream. If you get visitors who are interested in strawberry ice cream, then that is targeted traffic.

If your site is about ground beef, then you want visitors who are interested in ground beef. You don't want vegetarians.

A bungee jumping site wouldn't want to try to attract visitors who are in their 80's. That wouldn't be targeted traffic. You aren't likely to find many 89 year old people who want to bungee jump.

The big decision to make is the method or methods to get that targeted traffic. There are a number of ways in which you could do it.

Some very good sources of targeted traffic are free and can bring some very good results. Three that quickly come to mind are niche directories, link exchanges and search engines. There are other methods. I'm just covering three of them.

There are all types of free niche directories. If you can get listed in directories for your niche, this can bring you some quality targeted traffic.

You can exchange links with sites that have the type of traffic that you would want for your site. It helps to contact the site owner and write in terms that sound personal and mention specific things about their site.

Search engines can bring you tons and tons of targeted traffic and it can be done free of charge. Some good search engine optimization can be a big help.

Targeted traffic along with targeted advertising can be a very good combination that could produce some great financial rewards.

A person also needs to be aware of the niche they are in. Is it a niche with good potential? Is it a niche that people have a poor opinion of? Is it oversaturated? Sometimes people can have problems because they have selected the wrong niche for themselves.

Byron Darensburg

You know,I belong to three forum groups in all,but this is the only one that I really use,because you guys reply in no time!I just posted this a short time ago!I expected that,this being a Sunday,that I would probably get a response tomorrow some time,understandably.Boy,was I surprised! The two other groups sometimes take days to respond,if at all! If ther are any other newbies out there that are reading this post,let me tell you,this is the only forum that you need!

Now my question.Thanks for your quick response.I have heard that free traffic sometimes is not effective,because the sites are too cluttered.True or false,in your opinion? I know I post a lot,but as you may have guessed by now,I am relentless about this stuff,maybe to a fault. That's just how I am about thing s I get into.


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Thanks for the good comments about 5 Star.

Where did you hear those comments about free traffic not being effective?

You can pay a small fortune for untargeted traffic. But just because it isn't free traffic doesn't mean it is going to be effective.

I was talking about targeted free traffic. Targeted free traffic can be very effective. There are many site operators who make a living off of free targeted traffic.

You will notice that in addition to talking about targeted free traffic, I mentioned a few specific methods of getting targeted free traffic. The methods I mentioned are ones that work.

There is a big difference between free traffic and targeted free traffic. There is also a difference between paid traffic and targeted paid traffic. The important word is targeted.
I have heard that free traffic sometimes is not effective,because the sites are too cluttered.
It sounds as if you are talking about some sites that allow you to list yourself and they promise you will receive a lot of free traffic.

If so, that is something different and is junk. You might be talking about link farms, some of those horrible free for all sites or some other sites that make big promises that they can't keep.

Targeted free traffic that is obtained from Google and other major search engines as a result of good search engine optimization is quality traffic. It can't be compared with the terrible traffic you get from FFA (Free For All) sites, assuming you even get any traffic at all. Those type of sites will get you plenty of spam but the traffic is usually close to being worthless.

There are various methods for getting free traffic. It depends upon what source you select. If you select the right choice, and can get yourself targeted free traffic, then you are getting the type of traffic that sites want.

Byron Darensburg

I have heard it from different forums and sources on the web,but I guess you can't believe everything you hear.Once again,thanks for the prompt response and the good advice.
I use primarily PPC to generate traffic to my site - we make our ad copy very focused so that we get people who click on it that are interested in buying. A good example is when advertising on the world "free ANYTHING". well, when we used Free ANYTHING as our title, and told people to come ot our site, we got a lot of clicks that did not convert. When we changed the ad to simply say buy ANYTHING in the title, we got a lot less clicks, but it converted much stronger.