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Taking a Break


I deal with a lot of other people's issues in my offline world, which sometimes can make me really mad when they are complaining about the company I work for and they take it out on me, I have a pretty hard shell, but sometimes I just wear thin, and it gets to me. And then if I have further issue to deal with when I come onto my forum, I just sometimes want to hit the delete button. This doesn't happen regularly, mostly happens when I am really tired.`

Do thing like this affect you? And how do you deal with them?


@lorcan sorry to hear that people are bringing you down.

I constantly come across a profile that I call "toxic people". Its a "type" that absorb energy from around them but only give back negativity, or nothing. I sometimes find they don´t even realize it, they have grown up, for whatever reason, functioning like this and they just cause this "energy vacuum" wherever they go.

However, you have a choice, don´t let it affect you. They will affect you if you give what they say or do any value. Try to identify these "types" when you meet them and keep them out of your immediate circle.

Lots of positive energy from Spain... hope you feel better soon!