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TakePRO.FIT — the new partnership program!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Takeprofit, Nov 23, 2015.

  1. Takeprofit

    Takeprofit Affiliate affiliate

    Dear webmasters,

    Closed beta testing of the TakePRO.FIT partnership program starts on November, 23th 2015! You are welcome to join CBT for earning on targeted traffic via CPA model.

    Bonuses for all CBT partners!

    Bonus #1: Golden status of partner

    TakePRO.FIT offers 3 bonus types:

    • on sale of product/service — up to 20% of price

    • on the account opening — from 1,2% of invested by the client funds

    • on the confirmation of the new client’s details — from $3 per the client

    Gold-status will reward you with 2% of invested by the client funds and bonus of $3,5 per each new client!

    Bonus #2: Referral tree

    CBT partners get unlimited invitations — after CBT registration in TakePRO.FIT will occur only via invitation.

    Rewarding the new partners with invitations, you will automatically build own referral tree and get up to 40 % of your referrals’ profits!

    It’s easy to work with us

    Full-scale statistics: data on traffic, leads and the account condition in an online mode

    Unlimited withdrawal: Inpayments within 7 business days in the most suitable for you way

    Cross-domain tracking of visitors: you get a bonus every time, once your client acts on any website from our advertisers’ network

    Multiple promotional tools: we fully supply you with promotional materials + any correction is possible upon your wish

    24/7 Helpdesk: our helpdesk is always available, no matter what time zone you are in...

    We are glad to answer any questions in this topic, personally, via Skype (support.takepro.fit) or at e-mail - suppor(at)takepro.fit

    Thanks in advance,
    TakePRO.FIT team
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  3. AF-Roger

    AF-Roger Affiliate affiliate

  4. Takeprofit

    Takeprofit Affiliate affiliate

    Hello and thank you for suggestion! As an individual, I guess I didn't do much yet to shout about it everywhere :) Online and affiliate marketing are the fields I could tell more.
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    T J Tutor

    T J Tutor GM Administrator Certified Vendor Dojo Master affiliate

    Welcome to WebsiteFix @Takeprofit ! Thanks for joining us.

    I m certain you have some wisdom and skills from which the membership can benefit. We look forward to your posts and threads.

    When it comes to pitching your business and services, the following areas will serve you best.

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    All other areas of the community are for contributing and responding to threads. Contributing actionable information is the quickest way to get the attention of the members.

    Good Luck!

    T J