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Take a flight with CPA Bat

Discussion in 'Follow Alongs and Online Journeys' started by CPA Bat, Apr 7, 2018.

  1. CPA Bat

    CPA Bat Affiliate affiliate

    Hey guys,

    first, please excuse my english. I come from Germany, but have not the best language skills in English.

    I'm into CPA since 2 weeks now. As an affiliate I have 6-7 months of experience by promoting physical products with niche sites.

    By reading through some threads I was really inspired by Mr. Opulent, internalsoul, Mr. Z and kenaki (which is also my AM in Afflow/Monetizer). Thank you!

    For the following I will use the post structure from Mr.Z (if this is okay for you).

    Long Term GOAL

    $10.000 monthly revenue (mobile) cpa marketing.
    80-90% ROI

    8-12 hours a day (can do these things on my main work as well)

    For advertisments: $300 - $400 / month (without tools as they will be paid separately)

    LEARN: this forum, YouTube, blogs
    SHARE/ASK: this forum
    ROI CALC: adcalc.net
    TRACK: Voluum, HotJar Plus (Heatmap + Recordings)
    VPS (Virtual Private Server): Contabo VPS XXL SSD
    OFFERS: MaxBounty, PeerFly, Monetizer (I also applied to other networks but did not get approved)
    TRAFFIC: ZeroPark, TONIC., PopAds (did not use them until now)
    SPY ON COMPETITION: NordVPN, AdPlexity Mobile
    PERFORMANCE TEST TOOLS: Pingdom, Google PageSpeed Insights
    SET OF ESSENTIAL TOOLS: WordPress + Thrive Full package (Yearly subscription)
    SECURITY: WordPress: WordFence Firewall
    PRODUCTIVITY: Trello, Slack (with one of my friends who also wants to get into this), Skype (to get in contact with the AMs)

    Not really fixed on something but I think offers with low payouts ($2 - $5) should be suitable for my budget.

    1. Learn as much as I can about target audiences, e.g. find out which verticals work good in tiered countries
    2. Have first profitable campaign and scale it.
    3. Start profiting regularily (profit 7 days in row).

    First Attempt to Walk
    In my first attempt I tried an offer from MaxBounty (12688) and direct linked traffic from TONIC. to the offer. The ROI was -50% (invested $24 and got $12 so only 6 leads as you get $2 for each). Unfortunately at this time I did not use a tracker. It was just fun and excitement. So I decided to cancel this one (and have not continued until today).

    Attempt #2
    My second attempt was to deposit $200 in Zeropark and $100 in TONIC. and then try to promote SmartLink offers from Monetizer and find out what works well. Here I could find out that 3 offers in Pakistan for Desktop computers worked pretty well (1000. 1300% ROI stated by Voluum). Unfortunately there was not that much traffic for a targeted Zeropark Domain RON so I could just make approx. $1 - $2 per day by investing $0.1 - $0.2.

    Attempt #3
    For the last 3 days I subscribed to AdPlexity mobile and tried to figure out some mobile offers which seem to be profitable. Then I redesigned the landing page with Thrive architect and made two variations of this. As I love transparency and honesty I will give you the screenshots of the 3 LPs. Maybe you can give some feedback. If you copy it and it helps you to make some money, this is gonna be okay for me.

    Traffic came from ZeroPark as Pop Traffic (targeted as I could find the information on AdPlexity). In HotJar I could see the users behaviour - no one clicked the CTA button. Another problem was that HotJar had very few recordings. Hmm there must be something strange with this I thought. This brings me to the next point.

    Analyzing traffic
    Thanks to WordPress and WordFence plugin I could analyze the Live Traffic which came from ZeroPark (I used the Premium Inventory type with not the lowest bids for my target country). There I could see that they sent HUGE amounts of bot traffic to the landing pages regardless I paid really high bids. This brings me to the conclusion that the traffic quality seems to be really bad and that they try to rip off their users. Maybe I am wrong?

    In the next few days I will try to promote some offers in the dating/adult vertical with some landers and use PopAds for traffic.

    Thank you guys,
    CPA Bat

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  2. AffBank
  3. ClickWD

    ClickWD Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Good luck with your journey!
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  4. CPA Bat

    CPA Bat Affiliate affiliate

    Hey Graybeard, thanks for the info. I have read something on Charles Ngo's blog about how to filter out fake traffic. Will try that.

    At the moment Zeropark has not yet accepted my new campaign for Monetizer SmartLinks. I am going to invest $50 to find some profitable offers in one country with Pop traffic for direct links. Maybe this is going to work.
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  5. CPA Bat

    CPA Bat Affiliate affiliate

    This is one campaign I am running with ZP and MTZ at the moment but cannot get much traffic.

    Last edited: Apr 8, 2018
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  6. azgold

    azgold Super Moderator Super Mod moderator affiliate

    Love that you have a detailed plan and got everything ready to start off right, kudos!

    If you feel that you received a large amount of bot or fake traffic from ZP and have proof to back up your claim, try reaching out to them about this, see what they say. Just ask nicely if they can look into it for you. Whether they will or not, I can't say but I did once receive a credit from them for bad traffic, without having to ask. Mind you, that was a while back and that hasn't happened since. :D

    Best of luck with your journey! I'll be watching to see your progress. :)
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  7. Certified

    tyoussef Moderator moderator Certified Vendor Service Manager affiliate

    this is a good start .
    can you give more information about this campaign.
    why don't you try to scale in other traffic source instead .
  8. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Administrator Administrator Marketplace Seller

    PLEASE host your images and use the Add Image feature on the post edit menu.