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Sub Domains and SE's


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Will well thought "Domain" names with a web Sub-domain tacked on the front help get listed in Google/Yahoo an the other SE's?

For example: ...--THESE ARE NOT LIVE LINKS--
Domain name; ""
Sub-Domain Name: "BackPacking"

The URL would be

Site subject built around "Back Packing"

ie: Website Name: Backing Packing In Europe
Site "H1" "Back Packing In Europe Adventures", or something like that.

This LSI theme of the site would be centered around back packing in europe.

The next site could be based around racing cars, or what ever.
ie: with the same format as above.

Back to my question. Do "Sub-domains" stand as good a chance in the SE listing games as the Domain name as long as they go hand in hand?

My basic idea is that getting the right "Catch-All Domain" name and then attaching a "Sub-Domain" name on the front would be a whole lot cheaper than registering dozens, or even hundreds, of domain names that match the site.

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Promoting sub-domains is a whole new thing again. It's something like a new site. If the sub-domain is of different subject, then you should promote it differently from the main site.


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or they could be used to break your site down into small sections. Like every city is a sub-domain

Linda Buquet

Well actually I think subdomains off a general domain is a great way to build a site PROVIDING the content is all related to a similar theme like you said.

Many of my subdomains rank higher than my root domain. BUT may not rank as high as would. Quite a bit depends on other things such as inbound links though too.