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StyleGasms Day & Night

Discussion in 'Follow Alongs and Online Journeys' started by Stylegasms, May 4, 2015.

  1. Stylegasms

    Stylegasms Affiliate affiliate

    Hi, I'm Amie, and I heard about Affiliate Fix from Jay Wesman Aka thelazyassstoner. I decided to start my own Youtube channel last Nov, because I got tired of looking at fashion pins on Pinterest, and not knowing where to get any of that stuff. So, I pick really popular pins that I like, and then I find similar pieces to review for everyone. You can say I provide honest reviews on today's latest trends. Everytime I find something that I want to put on my website at Stylegasms.com, I get affiliated with whatever company is selling it, so that I can receive a commission while still being able to provide unbiased reviews. (I hate when other Youtubers only review products that companies ask them to) I also have a fashion blog at Stylegasms where I post pics of myself in the clothes, and then I share those posts all over google + and my other social media networks. I'm also active on Pinterest where I have almost 5000 followers. I use fb, google +, flickr, linkedin, and instagram, too. Unfortunately, none of this is enough, because I've only made about $50 so far. But, I can't count that as profit, because I've spent more than that buying clothes to review. Hopefully, u guys can give me some ideas to help improve :)
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  2. adcombo
  3. lmefastpay

    lmefastpay Affiliate affiliate

    Perhaps Modeling , Pinning and Good Honest Reviews of the latest in Hot Sexy Bikinis.
    LOL. I think I am kind of kidding. You are incredibly attractive. This is ( This is the Male Partner Of Our Team by the way) No We can completely relate. We too are deep in the red. As far as investment to return. It would be a horrifying amount we fear should we calculate the number of hours we have invested. So yes we can definitely relate .

    We have acquired a great amount of knowledge in our efforts. When we got started we could like Play video Games watch youtube send and receive emails and such.

    But now. Ha . We can build websites. Ya know , Wordpress , joomla and the like. No HTML or any thing. We can setup pay buttons upload via FTP. Add email and autoresponders. And sooo much more. Thank You Everyone on the Internet. Ha) So maybe you and we learn and esrn together,, We atleast enjoyed your post. We are new here. We wanted to say Hello.

    God Bless &
    Thank You
    Lisa n F
  4. lmefastpay

    lmefastpay Affiliate affiliate

    Please forgive us the 2nd post. I wasn't going to do this but while I was in our account there. I couldn't help but to think of you. To be very upfront with you here. What I am displaying here is our affiliate link.

    IBOaffiliate Network

    Though should you decide not to go that way. It is at

    IBOTOOLBOX | Independent Business Owner Social Network

    I don't think we are compensated except for your purchase of tokens. Used for advertising. Even that they give away tons of tokens.
    If you are not familiar this is The Number 1 Suite of Marketing Tools on the web.
    Google Loves IBO. Press releases and blog posts are indexed through this site everyday. What they offer here is phenominal.

    Just thought you would thoroughly appreciate this Tools Suite.

    Okay Then. Won't keep rambling on here.

    Thank TommYou Again

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