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Step By Step Method To Make Between 5$ and 10$ Each Day Using Instagram And Ogads

Discussion in 'Follow Alongs and Online Journeys' started by aminems, Jul 20, 2016.

  1. aminems

    aminems Affiliate affiliate

    Hi guys and sorry for my bad english cause its not my native language so if you don't understand something just post your question in comment section.

    ( I have posted this thread yesterday but they has been removed buy the moderator in cause of some link so now the thread is legel i have sent it to moderator befaur posting it here and they give me the permission )

    As a promise you i'm gonna post a detailed guide to make money with ogads and instagram its not a big money but that will help noob like me to make small amount like what i do now and use it to scaling up after that.

    This thread will be divided into big title to make it easy for you
    • Who I Am ( short story )
    • Tools That You Will Need
    • Process and Method
    • Some quick tips
    • Conclusion

    So let's go

    • Who I Am ( short story )

    My Name Is Amine ( not Anime ^_^ ), i'm 22 years old, i have started the IM maybe 3 years now and like most of newbie i kept sway between method starting with adsence after that learning about affiliate and starting with jvzoo and i have make more than 500$ with them using Launch Jacking method but it not work good now so in the first month of this year i have starting with instagram and the first thing that i have do is selling mention and this one give me 200$ but after the new ig update i have stoping so last 2 month i have learning about ppi and i met Ogads and start working with them and its really easy and i have got more than 270$ with them and i wanna make more ^_^ .

    and here's is the proof


    • Tools That You Will Need
    1. Note 1 : For each tool you gonna found non affiliate link but if you wanna use my affiliate link and get a bonus ( you will get 5 +4 month aged ig account + landing page that i use with plus than 20% in conversion rate ) just let me know
    2. Note 2 : I'm gonna work in Instagram Follower niche and this is my niche now but you can use the same step for other niche
    3. Note 3 : For newbies i can help you if you don't have money but not in all tool ( - bot + proxies + addmefast account - those tool are not uncluded, tell me how i can help you or in wich tool i can help you in comment )
    4. Note 4 : i can't post link yet so you need to remove space and remplace it with point
    Now the real work will start so keep focusing with me

    1- Ogads Account : You need to have an account with ogads to start working and here's the steps to get it ( for people who have account its not time to read what i'm gonna write go to next step ) members ogads com/signup.php

    and download the step ( no ads or adfly link don't worry ) : [Removed by Moderator]

    2- Instagram Account : In our case we gonna use between 15 and 30 account and if they are aged it will be more fine [Removed by Moderator]

    but don't forget to use a related niche user name cause that have a good fact ( in our niche we gonna use something like freef0llowerxs )

    about description : use a simple one like click here to get free followers and post your link in the link section on Instagram ( we gonna use bitly to shorthen url and blogger blog - you will see how to use them when we gonna talk about method - )

    3- Website + Host : You will need a website ( only 1 in our case ) and a host to host landing page to avoid ban as much as we can and you can get them both from Ipage for 24$ for 1 year hosting and a free domain and to get them follow the link : ipage com/ipage/index.html and download the picture step from here : [Removed by Moderator]

    4- Blogger Blog : You will need blogger blog and i think that every one know how to get them and if not just do a small search in google and you will found every thing ( we gonna use 1 blogger blog for 2 ig account or 1 ig account its your choice )

    5- Follow Bot : You will need absolutely a bot to start working cause you can't run 15 or more account using your phone and your hand and in our case we gonna use Gramdominator cause he are small and don't need a huge space to work fine and you can buy it from gramdominator com/pricing/

    6- Proxies : We will need proxies to tun account we gonna use 3 account on each semi-dedicated proxy and you can get them from Buyproxies from buyproxies org/panel/cart.php?gid=1 or from actproxy ( they are more cheap and work good ) and you can got them from actproxy com/cart.php?a=confproduct&i=0

    7- Addmefast Account : we will need an addmefast account with points to send followers to people who gonna complete the offer in ogads cause we not gonna scam them ( don't worry its only 100 followers to every user ) and you can get it from this guy in fiverr + you can see the process of creating locker in Ogads and how to use it + you can use this method to collect email from those people in any niche ^_^ from this video :

    • Process and Method
    So now its time to start making money

    We gonna use the follow method to make money

    I'm gonna start with you from scratch ( hosting the landing page - edit blogger blog for url - editing profile - and how to use tool )

    So let's get started

    First thing is hosting your landing page and i'm gonna use ipage hosting to explain and you can see the tutorial pic here : [Removed by Moderator]

    Second Is using blogger blog to reduce the ban possibility and reduce investement so that's a big profit tutorial here : [Removed by Moderator]

    Now after completing the previous procces all you need to do is going to bitly and shorten the blog post url and after that go to your instagram account and post the url in the website case like that


    so now and after doing that for all your account you need to start following people and for that we gonna use Gramdominator to do this work and i have chose it for 3 reasons :
    1- I have i copy of it ^_^
    2- Light on the computer
    3- You can use the 15 account version and run 30 account with it by dividing time between account

    But befaur start following people you need to scrape them and to get the big account to scrape from them just go to google and search for "biggest instagram account" and you gonna found lot of list

    Now all you need to do is scraping user and start following them just follow those pic


    • Some Quick Tips
    1. First about posting pic : lot of time now and with all bot when you wanna post pic 2 thing will hapen, the first 1 the bot tell you that the pic is posted but when you check you ig you gonna found nothing this is a new update from ig so to be sure that your account gonna work use your phone or your laptop + gramblr and post at least 2 or 3 pic to each account related to your niche + watermark to be sure that people will know what they need to do and you need to do that befaure starting using proxies, the second 1 is ig gonna ask you to pva your account and that gonna hapen when you post pic with hashtags so to avoid that use the previous procces.
    2. Second : if you see that your account is disabled or ask you to pva and when you check in browser they tell you that this account is not longer avaible use your phone and login to your account and see if they ask you to add a phone numbe cause ts another ig update.
    3. Third : if you use aged account +3 month you can follow between 500 and 600 user each day and when you use +3 years account you can follow between 800 and 1200 ( those are my setting and work well for me without problem )
    • Conclusion :

    Those are all thing that i know and i use to make between 5$ and 10$ each day on autopilot, so if you know something that can help me or help other post it on comment
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 20, 2016
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  2. terraleads
  3. game333

    game333 Moderator moderator affiliate

    Good luck with your Instagram journey. :)
  4. Aditya Saha

    Aditya Saha Affiliate affiliate

    Good luck with your journey! And that's a well detailed guide.
  5. Rio

    Rio Affiliate affiliate

    Hi aminem,
    I'm completly newbie in AM world and have very broken english too, for my first step in this AM i think get $10 per day is quite intersting, i'm currently still in learning process
    I'm intersitng to follow your step in instagaram campain sadly all link and picture in your post removed by moderator
    Would you please email me your complete post to rioarfani.hr.us at gmail
    Thanks in advance
  6. Manuel Gonzalez

    Manuel Gonzalez Affiliate affiliate

    Hello aminems

    I'm from Ecuador and my language is Spanish. If your language is Spanish. I can you please send the guide to my email ??

    afiliadotj [at] gmail.com

    Much appreciate your help. I am also new in affiliatefix

    Best regards
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 23, 2016
  7. aminems

    aminems Affiliate affiliate


    sorry but idon't speak spanish
  8. ckefir

    ckefir Affiliate affiliate

    Nice guide, thanks and best of luck.
    Can you fix these images on your guide? It looks like they are crushed
  9. OttoLotto

    OttoLotto Affiliate affiliate

    I wanted to do this method for the longest with OGAds, but I have to do it manually. And manually with the school hours are very tough. Where did you get your bots and other tools you needed, never build a website or host one before.
  10. Dario

    Dario Moderator moderator Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Looks like a good guide! Do you have experience with Instagram mass ban? I have heard it is some of the disadvantages of Instagram If you are running a lot of accounts. Can you confirm it?
  11. tyoussef

    tyoussef Moderator moderator Service Manager affiliate

    hy @aminems am following your journey Good Luck Buddy
  12. nuno-moro

    nuno-moro Affiliate affiliate

    Hello Amine !
    Are you from Morocco ? because i feel like you are, well i've been struggling trying to start with instagram marketing, i hope you can help me, here's my email : nuno.moro26 @ gmail dot com
    Looking forward hearing from you ! l3ezz

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