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Starting a forum



Since I feel that forums are really quite amazing places I have started some of my own and plan on building a large one right now. Have a few questions for you if you could answer them.

Are phpBB forums or other free platforms inadequate if the forum becomes rather large like this one. Is it worth it to buy VBulletin?

Does A TOS(if properly constructed) place the post liability on the users of the community. I thought I saw somewhere that internet law states that you can not be held responsible for the posts of your users. So , if you know about this, is it explicitly known that this is so and a TOS covers other areas or do you put in the TOS that you will bear the consequences of your posts and we will release IP etc to parties if subpoenaed for it. And, did you have a lawyer draw up your TOS?

Any response would be much appreciated as usual.

Linda Buquet

Well I heavily research all and decided on Vbull for lots of reasons, including security. Some of the free ones are more prone to hacking and stuff. Plus I knew
I would be able to build the forum into something fairly big, so wanted something that would grow and continue to be supported. Also for me money was not an issue, but even if I was tight on money I would have gone with Vbull. That does not mean it's best for everyone.

There was another free one I was really impressed with. Smaller and less well known, but very cool. That was over 2 years ago though so not sure if it's still around and don't remember the name.

I'm not sure about the legal stuff. I think I've read about forum owners that were sued or at least dragged through court for member posts but I don't know the details and no idea if they pro-actively had anything in the TOS.

If you really stay on top of moderation like Larwee does and read every post to nip things in the bud then there are no posts to get sued over. :p


Thanks for the response. I think I may go with some phpBB to start with, and see how it works. Visually it looks pretty good and it is super easy to work with from what I have seen so far, but I don't know about its scalability. Only time, or reading will tell. Thanks again.