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Speech interview


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Hey everyone, I'm new to affiliate marketing, just found this forum, and I love it:)

I was wondering if I can get a quick interview with one of you (over aim, or email, or anything) about affiliate marketing for a speech I have to give.


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You could ask your affiliate marketing questions right here in this forum and some of our members could post replies.


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great thanks,

-What are some of the best affiliate sites I can sign up with?
I'm on clickbank, but after reading the sticky about it, I think I should find something better, and since I'm under 18 years old, I can't sign up for most affiliate sites.

-For a beginner, if I put in a lot of time and hard work, what's around the highest amount of money I can make within the first few months?

-What are some of the best niches to start with?

-What are good sites to host your pages on? hopefully cheap or even free ( So far, I'm using google blogs)


Hi theNYkid,

As far as answering your question for the best networks to work with...well that is hard to say. There are a ton of networks essentially overflowing the market space, and they basically say the exact same thing. However, if you look close enough you will see certain unique qualities shine through in the best of the best.

So I would recommend figuring out what qualities you are looking for (ignoring the general and repetitive...highest payouts, etc.) and sorting through that way. If you are looking for quality leads and valued partnerships or leading technology or whatever it may be, the best network for you will have it all.

Plus, taking advice from the pros on here doesn't hurt either! :)

This may not work for your interview, but I just thought I would share my advice anyway!