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Ask Me Anything Special Loan (RE) Needed CPL


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Absolutely no pay-day-loans considered --Don't waste my time!

What I am looking for is mortgage secured bridge loans or peer 2 peer lending sources

CPL payout or flat rate when the loan is funded (finders fee --like $300).

The 'pitch'


Real long shot here --but who knows ...
Hi! I'm new to the forum and just wanted to chime in on this topic. When it comes to exploring financing options, specialized assistance is needed. Contact people who know the market, rates and fluctuations. Find a specialized mortgage company with good reviews, such as Mortgage Broker Essex. Btw, they helped me when I used a mortgage broker to finance the purchase of my last car, and it worked out really well for me. I was able to compare rates from multiple lenders and ultimately ended up with a lower interest rate than what was offered through the dealership.
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JFC, I was a mortgage broker working in California under a CFL license years ago.

Spam links are freeking USELESS ...
I totally understand your stance on payday loans – they're often not the best financial option. It's great to see you're looking into mortgage-secured bridge loans and peer-to-peer lending sources, as they can provide more stable and reasonable solutions.
Offering a CPL payout or a flat fee, like $300, when the loan is funded is a fair way to compensate finders. It incentivizes people to help you find the right loan without resorting to predatory payday loans.
If you're still in search of these specialized loans, you might want to explore the resources available at They could potentially offer valuable insights or connections to help you secure the loan you need.
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Old post --in today's higher interest rate environment for RE ( and all loans) loans --not worth my time. When you jump from 3% to 7% in just a few months --something is going to break. In time, interest rate may go down a few points ... We'll have to wait and see ...
Right now the RE mortgage market is stagnant to lowered volume. Timing matters.
You need to fish in the right pond during the best times of day ...