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This is exactly what the Galaksion advertising network always wishes to our advertisers, webmasters, and to all the Affiliatefix Forum users! Over the past 7 years, we have successfully developed, increased the volume of direct traffic from more than 160 GEOs, collaborated with large direct advertisers, launched our SSP platform, and became experts in affiliate marketing, especially in the Asian traffic market.

We have witnessed how the economies of Asian countries were rapidly gaining momentum, purchasing power increased, but the price of IN, ID, CH, SG, MY, TH traffic remained quite low(so far).

However, for all its financial attractiveness, this market has its laws and distinguishing features. We will devote most of the posts of this blog to the aforementioned features, although there will be other topics: important market news, successful cases of our partners, life hacks, and insights that will undoubtedly have a positive effect on your CTR and ROI. In the meantime, our experts are working on exclusives, we will tell you a little more about ourselves.

The Galaksion team has already determined the main values of our advertising network for quite a long time: direct traffic only. This means we cooperate with trusted webmasters and transmit their traffic directly to you - without bots, reselling, and repurchase from other networks.

Once again: there are only webmasters in this chain, we, advertisers, and nobody else.

Also, our management team is always ready to help, advise and even support - regardless of your spending. Don’t be shy and ask your questions below.