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some general questions

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by mobile99, Aug 21, 2014.

  1. mobile99

    mobile99 Affiliate affiliate

    1) how much do you make per month/year? does it fluctuate a lot, like some months/years you make a lot, and some months/years you make a lot less?
    if you dont feel comfortable telling us the exact figures, can you say something like around mid 7 figures profit per year?
    some of us looking to get into adult media buying would like to know whats possible.
    how much do your affiliates make? how many of them?

    2) did you loan/lease your expensive cars or did you pay for them in cash?

    3) how do you do your taxes? turbotax or accountant? since you make so much, i assume you must be in the highest tax bracket so what % do you pay in taxes?
    do you have to pay self employment taxes? anything that helps you pay less?

    4) is there a lot of competition in adult media buying? how hard is it to make your campaigns profitable? is it too saturated, do you recommend getting into this industry? or should we trying something else like mobile media buy?

    5) im really curious about this, how many people are making a living doing adult media buying? how much do they make, do you know?
    it seems like you know a lot of people making huge money doing this but in real life i dont know anyone who does adult media buys.

    6) how is your business setup? do you have an office? llc or scorp? outsource or local employees?

    7) lets say you're 25 years old, how much do you need to make to retire (or semi retire)?
  2. terraleads
  3. tuan smash

    tuan smash Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    1. First, doesn't matter what I make, all it does it provide you mental stimulation which doesn't do anything for your business..
    But to answer your questions, we generate millions and affiliates we know generate millions in this industry.

    2. I've done both, there are benefits to each especially if you are establishing your credit or using a vehicle as a business vehicle expense.
    But for others just paid straight cash.

    3. Get a proper CPA. The cost of using one will save you much more money than TurboTax or doing it yourself... When it comes to corporate taxes
    there are many laws and tax regulations... You DO NOT want to be doing this yourself if you are not trained.

    You need to pay yourself some type of salary, everyone does. Majority of people pay themselves a reasonable salary and take withdrawals from their corporate
    account. This is something you need to speak with a train professional about as I am not in any position to give you Tax advice.

    4. There is a lot of competition in ANY niche that makes money online. Just focus on one niche no matter what it is, and DOMINATE it... learn everything you need
    to and just focus focus focus and work work work, by taking major action.

    Mobile media buying is just as competitive... Low barrier to entry to get into anything online, but High level of skill set to make REAL money.

    5. TONS of people make money in this industry... TRUST ME.

    6. Corporations, Offices, Home offices, Outsourcers, and Employees.. Everything that a typical business has.

    7. ALL depends on what type of lifestyle YOU WANT.

    $5k a month income may be more than enough for someone if they don't want expensive stuff.

    but $100k a month might not be enough for someone who wants a lot of things..

    It's all relative to your situation and how you want to live your life.... The more luxurious you want, the more money it will take.
  4. mobile99

    mobile99 Affiliate affiliate

    1) can you make a list of your monthly expenses and how much you pay for them?
    ex: vps hosting: 50/month
    tracking: 100/month
    spy tool: 70/month

    2) do you have a lot of money just sitting in your bank account? or do you have a lot of assets like cars and real estate?

    3) is your main income from adult media buying? so all you do is buy banner space on adult websites to promote whatever offers?

    4) I probably sound stupid for asking this but people actually make millions in this industry? i come from your average middle class family and most people i know, they make like 30k-80k/year. just your average people, not rich or poor. i dont know anyone in real life who actually does (adult) media buys. should i go to events like affiliate summit to meet affiliates who make millions?
    also, when you say millions, i assume its profit and not revenue. because they are very different things.
    ex: some people say they make 200k/month but they dont tell you its revenue.

    5) what are most people in this industry doing nowadays to make a lot of money?
    are they still doing google adwords, facebook ads, PPV,? or are most of them moving to adult media buying and mobile media buying?

    6) how hard is adult media buying? how long did it take you to learn how to do it and make your first 500k - 1 million? how long did it take your successful affiliates to get to 4 figures/day?

    7) when you're just getting started, are you going to have a lot of failed campaigns before you find something that works? lets say i start with $1-2k but lose all of my money, what to do now?

    8) is adult media buying stable income? is it something you can do for a long time? or do you do it for a few years and quit to do other things?

    9) my current plan is this:
    start with $1k to 2k,
    use spy tool to see what other people are doing. do demographics research to understand my niche market
    outsource what i dont know how to do.
    join networks like clickdealer, peerfly, etc
    create campaigns on trafficjunky/exoclick
    create my ads and landing pages
    track and analyze to make sure everything converts
    then split test to improve my campaigns

    does my plan look good? what else do i need to do?
    how to scale my campaigns to get to your level?
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2014
  5. tuan smash

    tuan smash Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Okay... Look I normally wouldn't answer 20 questions but if I answer you hopefully others don't ask the same thing..

    Right away i can tell you that you have a 'limiting belief' mindset... That is why you haven't reached your high income goals..
    This is because your limiting belief and doubts are like an anchor that hold you to the ground..

    Remove those thoughts immediately and adopt a new mindset of abundance. Money is INFINITE.. it can be printed.. Trillions are being
    moved around daily ...

    I'm going to give you a short answer for everything.

    1. Thousands $$$, when you get experienced you will start having more expenses for services. When starting out you will only spend a few hundred per month.

    2. ALL of thee above.

    3. One of my sources of income, we have various projects, businesses, offline & online, but Yes Media buying is a huge income of mines.

    4. People make MILLIONS in revenue and PROFIT. It's being done right this second. There is more than one way to make money in this niche.
    A Traffic network like TrafficJunky makes a TON of cash.

    5. EVERYTHING and ANYTHING they find that works through hard work and testing.

    6. It's as hard as any type of online marketing. Focus on improving your experience and skills.. It WILL BE HARD and be a LEARNING CURVE.
    So what... Just accept it and push through it.

    7. You WILL fail, but its not a FAILURE. It's only a failure when you STOP. Get use to failing, and fail fast. and pick yourself up and learn from your
    mistakes and start over. Everyone comes up differently. You may take 1,000 different campaigns before you find a winner or you may make 10 campaigns
    and find a winner.. EACH person is different, just get to work.

    8. It's as STABLE as you want it to be like anything else online, is working at a corporate office stable??? Could be or could not be.

    9. Sounds like you read enough, got the actionable plan but the thing you are lacking is 'TAKING ACTION".
    Nothing you write down on paper will go exactly how you plan anyways so don't try to make it perfect on paper...

    Just take massive action and adjust along the way.

    Also, SMASH Revenue is who you should be dealing with when it comes to ADULT. PERIOD.

    Hope that helps.
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  6. mobile99

    mobile99 Affiliate affiliate

    this question is not related to adult media buying but are they going to delete this forum after 8/22? or save it somewhere?

    i'm new here so don't know how they do things around here.
  7. tuan smash

    tuan smash Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    No sure how it works, but if anything I would reach out to the forum moderators and ask them if it stays or gets deleted...
  8. jay smash

    jay smash Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    I think it will be archived. Tuan gave you some golden advice btw! Golden.. to say the least..
  9. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

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