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Hi Everyone!

I am not exactly a newbie here but it has been a long time since I posted to the forum. My schedule has been very busy and forums although they contain a wealth of information they take a lot of time and thought. I find lately I have been more of a peruser of formum more of a partaker.

Well today I am going to partake.

There are many affiliate and internet marketing forums that restrict the what we put in our signiture links. One of my biggest pet peeves is the restriction of promoting anything that is MLM through a link in your signiture.

I have two questions.

Is it okay to have a MLM in our signitures in this forum? I didn't see anything in the the rules but have been shot down so many times for doing this on different forums I am gunshy. I am not a spammer and detest people who place a bunch of mindless giberish on boards just to get noticed. I always use my real name on everything I write. My real name which my business associates, friends and family can look up on search engines at anytime. My integrity is at stake and I don't want to come accross as a parasite.

Why are people so against promoting MLM? I am with two affiliate companies right now, one is for entertainment products and the other for phone cards. The first is a classic MLM program but with good sought after brand name products, the second is a two tier MLM program the same as the first with an outstanding product but I am not able to promote either of these on most forums.
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I will be sending you an answer to the signature portion of that question by private message.