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Seeking Help Should I start a new site after Google May 2022 core update?

Vivek Sehgal

My site is hit because of Google May 2022 core update. My site had around 4-5 Thousand monthly traffic. But it slowly became zero after Google rolled the update. As Google removed all articles from SERP which were earlier on page 1 of Google. Site was built on a fairly new domain around only 3-4 months old. Almost no backlinks. Traffic was supposed to increase as the site got a little older. It had around 70 articles all commercial. Most of the articles were targeting low low search volume and very low competition keywords. Also Google is deindexing some of the articles.
I want to know should I start a new website or keep posting the articles on this website only? As I have no idea what to do, so that Google ranks articles on this website.
Please guide.


AffKit Ninja
You will find issues with the quality of your content maybe?
Ive never taken any notice of core updates
except for when Google publicly announces things
like faster sites or mobile friendly or https
all the other stuff is just nonsense
if you have a high quality site
core updates will probably not affect your site
so I agree with Graybeard entirely
improve your quality