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ShoeMoney Sells out - Makes Bank!

Linda Buquet

You may have already heard the news but I wanted to start a discussion about this.

POINT OF THE STORY??? AuctionAds STARTED as ShoeMoneyAds. It was a little idea, that could have gone nowhere but it went HUGE and FAST too! Don't know the final purchase price but speculation is that it was in the millions. Yes Dorothy dreams can come true!

>>From the 5 Star Blog

AuctionAds is about the strongest product launch of the the year and probably the strongest ad network launch ever. They already have 25,000 publishers, displaying 300+ million AuctionAds ads per day and that's after only 4 months - they just launched in March. So it's not surprising that <a target="_new" href="">Media Whiz</a> bought out the company that was jointly owned by <a target="_new" href="">"ShoeMoney" and "Dillsmack"</a>. Congrats you two for a well deserved win and congrats to Media Whiz for making another smart buy.

<a target="_new" href="">TechCrunch</a> and <a target="_new" href="">ShoeMoney</a> have all the details.

So what do you think???


Kudos to Jeremy and Dillsmack on getting Auction Ads up and running and now doing the deal.

I know at that time they were working long and hard at it, esp around the time of ASW.

It'd be interesting to see what the acquisition price was...

And going by the tech crunch report, it'd seem logical after acquiring Patrick's TLA, the next property would be Auction Ads.

Do remember that MyBlogLog was acquired by Yahoo! after less than a year of launch and for $10m. so it's like the 2000 dotcom era again, though the businesses are grounded in more solid biz models this time round.

PS: I think the lesson here is focus, focus, and focus...

I know guys who've developed and launched and made 6 figure incomes from IM-optimized WordPress plugins.

So the field is totally open for some hotshot to go out there, do one killer idea that creates value for the community and be amply rewarded for his or her efforts.