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Sexy PPV December 2015

Discussion in 'Follow Alongs and Online Journeys' started by MinionBanana, Dec 30, 2015.

  1. MinionBanana

    MinionBanana Affiliate affiliate

    2015 is the year I discover Affiliate Marketing through an Internet Marketing course (which I feel now it is way overpriced for the content they teach after I found out there's more to offer in the internet world. But back then, I only knew about "THEM"). Wish I found out about IM earlier...but well...better late than Never! For those that still do not know about IM, probably is because they are not searching hard enough or not searching at all (content with 9-5 job), their connections in Earth is more than six degree of separation (they do not have friends to share with them about IM or not expose to it), or they are already rich people who have found wealth.

    My P&L for Nov 2015 is $187 and for Dec month to date I am looking at $376. I am aiming for above $500. Profits are small but I am looking to build it up and still trying to recoup the investment I made. Through the whatsapp group chat, many of my fellow coursemates have already given up and decide IM is not for them and start to cancel their hosting subscription, VPN etc etc...the tools you need. But I believe the only way to succeed is to persevere and do not give up. By actively looking and engaging, you will find things along the way to help you. For example, by joining this forum and one of the thread I got free $100 advertising dollars from Self Advertiser and from a PPV group chat I joined, there's another $50 Self Advertising dollars for me to test. This all helps in my IM journey. For 2016, I planned to launch more and start testing campaigns again and this means losing money at first and read more of the threads in The Dojo.

    There's many distractions along the way. I tuned in to the CPA Evolution 2.0 webinar and numerous emails from them (this is email marketing and follow up emails and sales funnel, I wish to learn this and create my own list...which I think is cool and long term). I also attended the Clickbank Webinar which is another course by Adam Short about his sales funnel course. And there's many more like William Souza, John Crestani selling their courses online. Good to listen to these and it actually give you good info but I went back to basics and heed the usual advice not to switch from one thing to another without giving the former a real hard BANG!
    So I will want to make sure I make back the course fees I learnt from PPV before I invest in another.

    And with so many offerings out there, it will be good if someone can share what is their experience and recommendations. I will definitely want to join one of those in due time to come...

    Happy New Year to all and thanks for reading.
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