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Sexual content in my Newsletter?

Linda Buquet

When I sent my newsletter today and ran my draft email through the spam filter at my email provider the filter gave me a negative point and said my newsletter was talking about *** or sexual body parts??? I sent it anyway since I could not find anything the filter could have misinterpreted, can you?

Maybe the word member? Or maybe the word Moolah is a bad word in another language??? Sheesh and I was only worried about the money and contest words. You can't email anything any more. :eek:

Here is what was in the email.
Heads up - our 1,000 Forum C0NTEST ends Monday and 'Guess the Member Count' ends tomorrow at 12. Will you be one of our 7 c@sh winners? Don't wait til the last minute, join right away for some easy moolah!

We have some great new 5 Star programs including lucrative offers from a new pay per lead network.

Please View the 5 Star News Online Here

As always, let me know what I can do to help you be successful with any of our 5 Star programs.

Your Partner in Success,

Linda Buquet
yada yada yada


Grief...pretty soon e-mail will come to a complete halt because spam filters won't be letting anything thru any more. :(