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Setup to Start My First IM Journey!

Discussion in 'Follow Alongs and Online Journeys' started by naathanz, Apr 14, 2016.

  1. naathanz

    naathanz Affiliate affiliate

    Hey AF,

    Welcome to this thread!

    I'm creating this thread to get some help before i start my own journey!

    What I have:
    - Niche (Have already 2 in mind, one of them could be potential goldmine as I didn't find anything similar to it, but I know from my experience, that people would love to get what I offer!)
    - Accepted on OGAds Network
    - Domains
    - Hosting
    - VPS Server
    - 2 Instagram Accounts running from my IP (fresh ones, creataed like 3 days ago)
    - I can also get HR YouTube views
    - Brains
    - HTML/CSS/Js/PHP/C# skills

    Maybe i forgot something , will try to add if i remember!

    What I DON'T have:
    - No budget
    That means:
    Don't have money to buy Proxies, IG F/UF Bot, Accounts, and so on...


    I wanna start that IG journey and somehow implement YT in it , because i can get views.

    At the moment my concern is about IG accounts. How do i manage them, how do i manually follow/unfollow accounts? I have only 2 accounts created, but anyway, i can't sit behind my screen and follow 1 guy every 5mins for 24/7 , i think it's waste of time.

    Do you think it's fine if I post 1-2 images per day and follow like 10 people in one time with the interval of 1hour?

    For example:
    14:50 - i follow 10 people
    going to brake/do other stuff
    15:50 - follow another 5 - 15 people
    going to brake/do other stuff
    16:50 - follow another set of people

    What do you think guys? Any tips would be helpfull.

    This will be my first journey, my first start in IM. :)
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  2. newbidder
  3. elad450

    elad450 Affiliate affiliate

    Try to not follow many people at ones, and not complete your profile until you have more than 200-300 followers to avoid bans , also if you have an aged ig account you have better chance to not get banned .

    Wish you luck and lets see how it going.
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  4. Ben jones

    Ben jones Affiliate affiliate

    I would definitely say in your post use hashtags relevant to your post and follow relevant people. Work on building your outreach and then followers will come themselves
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  5. JH1nz

    JH1nz Affiliate affiliate

    Good luck on your journey. If you work hard, you will soon make enough $ to buy tools and scale it up!
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  6. game333

    game333 Moderator moderator affiliate


    I'm really surprise how many guys in AffiliateFix being influence by my idea, a lot of people joined thru my affiliate link, and ask me question in private.

    I see you have not filled with full motivation, I see you're wondering either if this works or not.

    Worry not, I will update my thread for the less costly bot to start up with Instagram.
    Keep us update, if you don't update ya thread, I'm not going share the information either.
    Lol pressuring ya.

    Goodluck bro.
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