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Serious Video - Make $ from Home in Underwear

Linda Buquet

I made a link bait title to get you guys to read this. It's really a VERY good video and it is a bit about the title "Making $ from Home in Underwear" but it's also very serious business!
(From the 5 Star blog)

Watch the truly inspiring video below and see how 5 webpreneurs made it big with no biz plan, no biz model and no funding. The video features an awesome panel discussion lead by Guy Kawasaki. It's long, but well worth your time to watch or at least listen to in the background as you work. One of the panelists is Markus Frind, founder of who I've blogged about several times before. Markus makes 5-6 MILLION as a one man shop affiliate/publisher. Also on the panel are founders and CEOs of HotorNot, Fanpop, CoreFino and Maya?s Mom.
<blockquote><strong><a target="_new" href="">How to Change the World: No Plan, No Capital, No Model...No Problem</a></strong> "Markus Frind, the founder of is my new hero (James Hong of Hot or Not is a close second). <strong>Marcus spends about two hours a day in his underwear managing a free dating website that gets twelve billion page views a year.</strong> He is the only employee, and he only has one server. And by the way, he makes $5-6 million/year with Google ads."</blockquote>
<strong>Do YOU want to make money in your underwear like Markus???
Start your OWN niche dating site!</strong>

We are in the process of launching our newest 5 Star program. Formal announcement coming next week, but I couldn't resist mentioning this while we are on the subject of making money with online dating. <strong><a target="_new" href="">World Dating Partners</a></strong> gives you the opportunity to have <strong>your own "niche" dating site</strong>. Dynamic turn-key white label or co-brand site - multiple options & multiple revenue streams!

Hat tip to the Grok guys: <strong><a href="">Guy Kawasaki on Making $5M/yr in Your Underwear?</a></strong>