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SEO Power Suite? or SEMRush, Ahrefs, WhiteSpark Citation Finder and Plagspotter?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimisation' started by T J Tutor, Feb 14, 2015.

  1. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Administrator Administrator moderator affiliate

    SEO Power Suite (around $700 for the PowerSuite & $200 for BuzzBundle)
    Includes Rank Tracker, Link Assistant, SEO SpyGlass, WebSite Auditor, and BuzzBundle.

    Rank Tracker is for Keyword research and Rank Tracking.
    SEO SpyGlass analyzes any sites backlinks.
    WebSite Auditor is for optimizing site structure and content.
    LinkAssistant is for link building and management.
    BuzzBundle is a Social Media management tool.

    SEMRush, Ahrefs, WhiteSpark Citation Finder and Plagspotter (around $634 per month)

    (The prices quoted below are for middle tier subscriptions)

    SEMRush $150 per month (middle tier)
    Competitive intelligence. Generate reports for any URL, domain or keyword. Export thousands of rankings, competitor lists, and keyword research lists.

    Ahrefs $179 per month (middle tier)
    The largest index of live backlinks. Generate reports for any URL or domain. Export thousands of backlinks or domains.

    WhiteSpark $100 per month (top tier)
    Local Citation Finder. Isolate what it takes to rank locally from any city/region around the world. Instantly analyse google’s 7pack map SERPs. Find your competitors citations from their business info - phone number and address! Generate curated relevant lists of hundreds of citations. Export reports.

    Plagspotter $105 per month to monitor 500 sites and report weekly
    Duplicate Content Finder. Discover what is duplicated across your or competitors websites. Get duplicate content scores based on severity. Reverse engineer content sydication methods or find duplicate content on your own site.

    Georanker $100 per month (middle tier)
    Local Rank Tracker. Generate ranking reports for any city+region combo from around the world. Want to know your rankings are in Paris France for google.com? How about your rankings in California vs New York? Yep! GeoRanker can do that. Track up to 100 keyword URL combinations.

    I have been using SEO PowerSuite 2014 for a few months now and it has been very useful. It has a lot to offer and can show you weaknesses and strengths in your sites offering you many reports that saved me countless hours of research and implementations.

    1. Have you used PowerSuite?
    2. Have you compared them to or used the alternatives listed here?

    I am considering the alternatives available, but it would be a 10x increase in the cost of the tools I currently use. I haven't begun my trials of the alternatives to PowerSuite and was hoping some of you may have some experiences you can share regarding any or all of these options.

    T J
  2. terraleads
  3. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Administrator Administrator moderator affiliate

    Okay, I am a little confused here. Am I to believe that no one in this forum is familiar with or using any of these tools? Really?!
  4. searchnetics

    searchnetics Affiliate affiliate

    There's no way I'd spend $600+/month.

    Much better and cheaper ways to get access to all those tools.

    For example: SEM Compass - SEM/SEO tool aggregator

    I guess that gets rid of the 4 tools you need and compiles them into 1.

    And for most other tasks RavenTools.com is pretty badass.

    There ya go... about $149 instead of $600.
  5. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Administrator Administrator moderator affiliate

    Yeah, I was offered this a while ago, but this is essentially a group buy. I would definitely exceed the report limitations. I manage more than 70 content and continuity sites in total.

    My questions were regarding the sets of tools in the original post. and not other alternatives, at least for the purpose of this thread.

    1. Have you used SEO PowerSuite 2014?
    2. Have you compared it to, or used, the alternatives listed here?

    I wasn't looking for suggestions to alternatives, I am looking for those which have full fledged experience with both, or one or the other of my 2 choices.

    I have SEO Power Suite. It's a one time, non-recurring, price for the SEO Power Suite compared to the alternative set I posted which would be that much every month. $700 one time compared to $634 per month.

    SEO Power Suite has been a great tool for me for the past couple of years, but upgraded to SEO PowerSuite 2014 a couple of months ago. My volume is increasing, therefore, I am looking at upgrading this year.
  6. searchnetics

    searchnetics Affiliate affiliate

    Personally speaking, I didn't like Powersuite.

    It seemed really clunky and took forever to process my data (mainly the rank tracker).

    SEMrush is good but data is only updated a few times a year from what I remember. They do large data pushes so what you're looking at may be a few weeks old most times.

    As far as rank tracking is concerned I've tried quite a few: AWR, Powersuite's, Serpbook, etc and the only one I liked was micrositemasters. Again, it is a web app so if you want to keep your data local it won't be ideal.

    I really prefer Majestic.com over Ahrefs. I find the trustflow is probably the best metric for most things I need in SEO.
  7. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Administrator Administrator moderator affiliate

    Yeah, the older version I had was really clunky in some ways. It still takes a while to process, but I set it and come back to it when it's finished.

    I didn't know that, thanks for the tip on this.

    I guess one of the things I like is running things either local or on my own servers.

    I haven't checked out Majestic, I'll give it go and see if I like it.

    Thanks @searchnetics
  8. internalsoul

    internalsoul Moderator moderator affiliate

    I have used SEO Powersuit, Ahref and market samurai for years. All of them do their job perfectly, there are some differences in their report as they have their own way of checking. But i always used to do manual on-page optimization check manually and after that i used to create my final optimization report manually based on my conclusion after the manual check.
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  9. solstudioim

    solstudioim Affiliate affiliate

    I have used SEO Powersuite for few months and this is the best solution if you want to avoid the very expensive monthly fees for SEMrush etc. With all the bundle you can do keyword research, analyze competitor backlinks, get opportunities for guess posting for our niches, on page optimization with its website auditor and much more.

    I think it's one of my best investment although I know it's quite expensive but worth the money.

    For those of you who want to use this industry standard software used by a lot of companies and SEO professional, you can now get big discount of about 60% during their summer sale. Please check it here as this summer sale is only for short time.
  10. iansully

    iansully Affiliate affiliate

  11. Webmaster.Xochitl

    Webmaster.Xochitl Affiliate affiliate

    I never used SEO Power Suite. So, I'm something confused to compare it with other tools.

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