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Scaling your campaign

Discussion in 'What is Affiliate Marketing? (START HERE)' started by K, Aug 11, 2015.

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    Scaling your campaign

    Scaling is the art of pushing the most out of your campaigns to get the most profit back. This should only come into play when you have optimized your campaign for profitability. Some marketers will get their campaign profitable and then leave it to run its course. But, aggressive affiliates will scale them to get the most return possible whilst they can.

    Many things can be done to scale your campaigns and below are the most common steps to try:

    Traffic Source
    The most obvious thing to do when scaling is to take your already winning formula or campaign and try it on another traffic source. If you’re making money for example, on a PPC network, then it’s worth trying another PPC platform or a completely different type of traffic altogether.

    Offer Bumps
    As explained earlier, if you’re doing high-volume on a specific offer or program, then more than likely you can negotiate a better payout or commission with the affiliate network. Sometimes you may only receive a small payment bump. But, when you add it up across all conversions it can make a huge difference.

    Going Direct
    If you understand the affiliate model, you will know that the merchant is at the top of the chain. If you can cut out the affiliate network and work directly with the advertiser, the payouts will be better. Not only that, but the merchant may be more flexible with payments.

    Take a look at your funnel and see if adding an extra step or two could create more revenue. Looking into co-reg paths or email sequences could make you an extra commission and also build up your own email marketing list.

    Test Other Offers
    Going to other networks and finding similar offers can result in massive increases in revenue. Even if the offer payout is less, the conversion rates may be frequently higher and therefore a likelihood of greater profitability.

    Scaling is a must-do practice when you have a profitable campaign and one which you wish to make the most out of. Affiliate campaigns do not last forever, especially on paid traffic. So, when it comes to the shelf life of one that’s profitable, you have to make the most out of it while you can.

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