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Tracking your campaigns

Discussion in 'What is Affiliate Marketing? (START HERE)' started by K, Aug 11, 2015.

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    Tracking your campaigns

    Affiliate marketing tracking software is designed to provide the means of tracking performance-based online marketing. Tracking can be used to calculate and record many factors and is used by all the different key players in affiliate marketing. When it comes to the merchant or advertiser, tracking is used to calculate the number of conversions and clicks on their offers or programs.

    The affiliate networks often use third party or custom tracking software to connect the merchant offers with affiliates in order to calculate the number of legitimate clicks, views, conversion or whatever the factor may be. These tracking solutions will also feature in-depth analytics, tracking tools and often fraud detection. When it comes to the affiliate or publisher, tracking is one of the most essential elements of setting up your campaign. Without tracking, you’ll be unable to record results and optimise/scale your campaigns. Paid and free tracking solutions are available for affiliates and it’s a must that you put tracking into practice as early as possible.

    Installing the correct tracking on your campaigns will allow you to achieve some essential things including:

    Calculate how many, clicks, views, conversions and more that come from a specific link or campaign. Without knowing this, it’s very hard to judge your profitability and to know if your campaign is making or losing money. You can easily track your CPC’s, CPV’s and EPC’s.

    Tracking software allows you to cloak or mask your long-tail affiliate links in order to show you a more attractive URL. You can also use these features to mask the refer site and show the user a better looking offer link rather than a blatant affiliate one.

    Pinpoint Profitability
    Without tracking it's hard to pin point exactly where and when you're making money. Tracking allows you to know exactly what you're paying for traffic and how much money in return you're making or losing. It's very hard to scale and optimise traffic that's A) not profitable and B) not tracked.

    This is generated by your tracking software to place on your offer in the network. It will work with the tracking software to alert you exactly when and how a conversion happens. This means you will be able to see exactly on your campaign when a conversion arises and how it was generated (including through which advert, landing page or traffic source).

    Here’s a small list of the best and most popular affiliate marketing tracking software for affiliates, merchants and networks:

    AdsBridge is the best and most affordable tracking solution for new affiliate marketers. It's very easy to set up and install with your campaign and they also offer a great free package. It has some great features and also comes with some free landing page templates, guides and more.
    £ Discount: 50% OFF AdsBridge tracking.

    If you're new to affiliate marketing i'd advise starting out with
    AdsBridge until you fully understand the art of tracking. The sooner you can get to grips with tracking your links and campaigns the sooner you will understand affiliate marketing. This industry is all about data and the above is essential.

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