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Introducing your affiliate manager

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Introducing your affiliate manager

An increasing amount of affiliate programs and networks are introducing Affiliate Managers to their staff.

Affiliate Managers are positioned to moderate affiliates across the network. It’s their obligation to help publishers with any issues and questions they may have regarding the network. An Affiliate Manager manages affiliates by helping them to ultimately become better publishers. They are dedicated to assist affiliates in all kinds of situations including: helping with tracking, finding the right offers, generating sales/conversions and being paid correctly.

Additionally, they will also be responsible for making sure affiliates are promoting offers in the correct manner or way and not breaching any laws or infringements. They are responsible for customer support and should be you first port of guidance. Often Affiliate Managers will be affiliates themselves, so they speak from personal experience. They usually have some sort of monetary incentive for their publishers to earn more therefore encouraging you to make more money.

Here are a few examples of how your affiliate manager can help you out.

Knowledge Base
Affiliate Managers are often publishers and affiliates themselves. They have a wealth of affiliate marketing knowledge. It's your job to pick their brains to see what beneficial knowledge they can pass onto you. Whether it's a question about traffic, offers or anything else related to the network, do not hesitate to ask them.

Affiliate Managers are the go-to guys when it comes to discussing payment terms and being paid. They can assist you in setting up the correct payment processes and also the right tax forms. They will also be the ones to question if you haven't been paid, or if you have any questions regarding payments.

Offer Bumps
Offer bumps refer to bumping your payout on a specific offer. If you find yourself doing well and converting an offer, then it's within your right to ask the Affiliate Manager for a higher payout per conversion. The worst result is they may just say no, or they may grant you the desire to receive higher payouts per conversion.

Offer Search
If you have a specific offer in mind for a niche or traffic source, then your Affiliate Manager will have access to all the networks’ offers. Sometimes they even hide some offers from normal publishers, so it's always worth asking them if they have the offer that caters to your need. Likewise, if you want them to get an offer on their network, you can ask.

Tips and Improvements
Affiliate Managers can also be a great incite as to what’s working and hot right now. It's their job to make sure you get the most out of your campaigns. So, feel free to ask them if they recommend trying anything different. More often than not, the smallest tip or suggestion can have the biggest results.

As soon as you’re accepted into an affiliate network, you should get in contact with your Affiliate Manager and make yourself known. However, bear in mind that they also have lots of publishers to look after. So, if you have very simple questions, or if they are unrelated to the offer or the network, it’s better to do a quick web search before asking them. Otherwise, you may not get the answer you expected.

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