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Roller Ads - Push Notifications Ad Network

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Roller Ads

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Roller Ads - Push Notifications Ad Network
Roller Ads submitted a new resource:

Roller Ads - Push Notifications Ad Network - Roller Ads that combines in-house anti-fraud system with unique optimization algorithm.

Roller Ads is a Push Notification Advertising Network that applies a unique optimization algorithm based on Machine Learning to boost your Push Notification Ads revenue!

Web or mobile push notifications are non-intrusive messages with special offers, announcements and sales that your potential client receives. The push ads are sent straight to laptops and phones of the audience who has no other option but to interact with it.

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Roller Ads

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Traffic Manager
Roller Ads - Push Notifications Ad Network
RollerAds 1140х580 24 (1).jpg

First of all, we are glad to launch a new feature – Day/Time Targeting!

You can find a new targeting option in your personal account while creating a new campaign. If you want to add this specific targeting option to your previous campaigns just edit them!

Day and time targeting allows you reach users the best time when they will see and click your ad immediately. Use it to increase your ad performance! If you have any questions feel free to ask Roller Ads support.


What else? We worked on usability and improved your personal account! Now it’s more user-friendly: more details in preview and convenient statistics. See the screenshots below.



Finally, now you can enjoy the pricing page on our website. Check CPC rates for any GEO you wish.


Next month comes new product improvements! If you have any suggestions please feel free to email us

Roller Ads

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Roller Ads - Push Notifications Ad Network

For July at Roller Ads we are happy to share with you several product updates.

  • Now you may instantly fund your account in just a few clicks thanks to new integration with Webmoney!

  • Balance Alerts: Now you can get email notifications once your account balance is under a defined amount. Set it in your Profile and don’t let your campaigns stop!


  • In your personal account in the “Campaigns” tab now you may preview all campaign creatives, which makes it easier to search, edit and control!


  • New convenient moderation statuses. Now it’s visible which campaigns are approved and which are rejected.


Next month comes new product improvements! If you have any suggestions please feel free to email us

Roller Ads

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Traffic Manager
Roller Ads - Push Notifications Ad Network

At Roller Ads we are happy to share several August product updates with you.
  • No more campaign limits. Now you are able to invest in your affiliate campaigns as much as you need!


  • Paypal as a payment method was added to top-up your balance.
  • BTC and ETH payments are credited automatically and almost instantly. Balance replenishment occurs after receiving blockchain confirmations and usually takes less than an hour.
  • It also became available to top-up using a bit less popular crypto currencies such as Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Binance USD, Tether USDT (ERC20), Ripple and ZCash using CoinPayments section.

  • User interface was improved! Now you may scroll large tables and enjoy optimized mobile experience!

Go to your account to check all updates and launch new campaigns.

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Roller Ads

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Traffic Manager
Roller Ads - Push Notifications Ad Network

At Roller Ads we are happy to share several September product updates with you.

  • New Targeting Options! Browser Targeting. Send your push ads to specific browser users. Better Targeting - better results!
  • We have added description to macros for your convenience. Just hover over the macros and see the meaning!


  • Got immediate questions? NEW CHAT BOX! Enjoy Live Support right from your advertiser account!


  • We have extended the language base for wider targeting!


Next month comes new product improvements! If you have any suggestions please feel free to email us

Go to your account to check all updates and launch new campaigns.

Roller Ads

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Traffic Manager
Roller Ads - Push Notifications Ad Network

At Roller Ads we are happy to share several October product updates with you.

  • Minimum bid for ALL COUNTRIES is $0.001. Now you may test any country you want for a minimum cpc bid! Just edit CPC rate in your campaigns and go ahead!

  • Analyze your statistics faster and more effectively! Now you may use the “subscription age” filter to understand what audience it’s better to target!

  • WOW! Ready to start advertising with RollerAds? First, watch our platform demo! It’s very easy to start when you know how to do it. In this video we will show you in detail how to fund your account, launch campaigns and analyze your results! You may find DEMO on our website or in your personal account.

  • Main event has passed! We have visited the Moscow Affiliate Conference! It was a pleasure to meet all partners and establish new business relationships!

Next month comes new product improvements! If you have any suggestions please feel free to email us

Roller Ads

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Traffic Manager
Roller Ads - Push Notifications Ad Network


At Roller Ads we are happy to share several November product updates with you.

At RollerAds our AI-algorithm constantly analyzes the traffic performance and determines the best converting! Target your campaigns to premium traffic to get the maximum results.


Add up to 10 creatives to your campaign to test which ones perform better. Testing creatives is crucial to the success of the campaign. Change images, texts, CTAs and increase your advertising performance!


Also we added macroses for creatives to make your campaign analysis more precise.


Now you can make a deposit straight from your RollerAds account and the payment will be credited to the balance instantly.


Edit all your campaigns with one click what eases the process of campaign management!

Next month comes new product improvements! If you have any suggestions please feel free to email us

Go to your account to check all updates and launch new campaigns.

Roller Ads

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Traffic Manager
Roller Ads - Push Notifications Ad Network

As the holiday season approaches, at RollerAds we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued business. It’s been quite a year for us all! May your holiday season and the new year be filled with much joy, happiness and success.

We look forward to working with you in the coming year and hope our business relationship continues for many years to come.

Happy Holidays!

Roller Ads

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Traffic Manager
Roller Ads - Push Notifications Ad Network

At RollerAds we are happy to share several great January product updates with you.
All of you know RollerAds as Push Notification Ad Network! We are constantly growing and this month we are happy to announce a new ad format – ONCLICK.
OnClick ads, also known as popunder ads, is an ad format that is among the most popular available! This ad format is affordable and one of the most converting — if used correctly!
Go to your account, press “Create Campaign” tab and choose OnClick to launch your first popunder campaign at RollerAds!


Go to your account

Other updates include two new types of targeting: IP Range targeting (we’ve already announced it) and Feed ID targeting!

  • Targeting by IP Range

IP targeting is a hyper-focused method of delivering online display ads. This method gives you the ability to define your intended audience accurately and deliver your content to your chosen consumers.

  • Feed ID targeting

Target those publishers who can provide the traffic that converts best! Just include Feed IDs, separated by comma and launch your campaigns. Also you can exclude certain publishers where you don’t want to show your ads. Go ahead and try a new feature!
Next month comes new product improvements! If you have any suggestions please feel free to email us
Go to your account to check all updates and launch new campaigns.

Roller Ads

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Traffic Manager
Roller Ads - Push Notifications Ad Network

Are you curious what market experts say about RollerAds? Read the full RollerAds review at! Below are some parts of the review!

“If you want to earn money with push you have to have a great campaign. RollerAds offers fast, successful, and highly profitable campaigns to all its users. Creating campaigns takes mere seconds. They offer an intuitive campaign designer that guides you through the entire process. Things like targeting, ad placement, and budgeting are explained and made easy. You can easily evaluate options for bidding campaigns and targeting which affect your ad reach.”

RollerAds provides you with a full record and consistent statistics on how your campaigns are doing. You can track everything through its user-friendly interface. You can monitor your progress and your sales with ease. It also lets you monitor your expenses and change them accordingly to your budget. This makes tracking your expenses and conversion super-easy!”

And the final conclusion!

“Summing things up, RollerAds is amazing. They are a self-serving advertising network that helps its users. With them, you will boost your sales and get great revenue by using push ads for your campaigns. If you want to improve your sales and take your company to the next level, look no further. Try this network of push ads today and start earning real money!”

Read the full RollerAds review at!

Roller Ads

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Traffic Manager
Roller Ads - Push Notifications Ad Network


One of the most popular verticals in Affiliate Marketing is sweepstakes. Each year it attracts beginners and seasoned affiliates alike with tons of offers, availability across all GEOs, high converting potential and good response to all kinds of traffic.

But though it may seem as a low-hanging fruit in terms of ROI, launching a profitable sweepstake campaign requires skill and practice. For you to get the most out of running sweeps with RollerAds, we’ve narrowed all the best practices down to three key points.

What are sweepstakes and what kinds are there?
Sweepstakes are a form of an online prize draw where the winner is determined randomly among all the participants. This term is often used interchangeably with “contest”, however a contest implies an element of skill. With sweepstakes, the outcome depends strictly on pure luck.

There are various kinds of sweepstake funnels, which defines the mechanics of participation for a user.

  • SOI/DOI (Single Opt-In/Double Opt-In) sweepstakes require a user to provide their info (e.g. an email, a social account or a phone number) and possibly confirm it.
  • CC submit (Credit card submit) require a user to provide their credit card details.
All types show great results on RollerAds traffic with both push ads and popunders, given the advertiser applies the best practices listed below.

Tip #1: Always use prelanders
The best prelanders are styled as questionnaires or surprise boxes, customized according to the product you’re promoting. As the user answers the questions or “unwraps” the box, they get invested in the process and provide their details more eagerly.


(pic 1)


(pic 2)


(pic 3)

If you’re running an iPhone 12 campaign, make sure your prelander is styled for the user’s mobile carrier. This targeting is available in RollerAds.

If you have a gift card offer, don’t hesitate to use recognizable brands on your prelanders. Popular brand images evoke trust and instill confidence in users which positively affects the CTR.

When you do that, the job’s not done. Inspect your prelander’s CTR levels, optimize the colors, buttons and shapes. Compare the results of your campaign with different elements and keep the ones that show higher ROI.

And if you’re running a push campaign, a creative is what the user will see first. You can apply the same tips to it as for the prelanders. For example, images of popular brands on a creative boost CTR compared to a plain image.

Tip #2. Optimize your creatives
For creatives to hit the goal and make your offer irresistible to the user, you need to pay attention to both image and the text accompanying it.

Phrases like “The prize is waiting for you” or “You have (1) item to collect” are two of the most efficient examples.

iPhone sweepstakes dominate the vertical, so if you’re running one, make sure to use the same image (model, color etc.) as the user will see on the offer page.

As for the images, gift boxes, emojis associated with the celebration and urgency are the things that excite users the most.


Tip #3. Analyze your traffic
The previous two tips, however helpful they might be, won’t be your silver bullet if you don’t put in enough effort into optimizing your campaigns. It should start with analyzing your traffic.

They say knowledge is your best armor. Make sure you know everything about your campaign: track the OS versions, carriers, browsers, browser languages etc. to know what’s bringing you conversions and what’s a waste of budget. Scale up the first, and exclude the latter — and you’ll see your profits.

Bonus tip: GEOs and Offers
As we’ve mentioned in the beginning of this post, there are several kinds of sweepstake offers.

Our data shows that SOI/DOI sweepstake perform especially well with push ads in US, ZA, GB, DE, FR and Asian countries.

As for the CC submits, popunders are the preferred format here. It has higher volumes and provides broader reach. Tier-1 GEOs like US and Europe are the place to go, and don’t forget to customize your prelanders for a particular audience!

Wrapping up
RollerAds is a perfect place to run your sweepstake offer. Don’t hesitate to give it a try! And if you have any questions or need assistance, get in touch with out support team.

Roller Ads

Traffic Manager
Traffic Manager
Roller Ads - Push Notifications Ad Network

Sitting around is not what we do at RollerAds. We’re constantly working to excite our clients with new features, tools and mechanics.

We’ve been busy all March and here is what we have to present to you today.

OS version targeting
Users’ behavior differs drastically based on their device platform. For example, MacOS and Windows users consistently demonstrate different patterns of interacting with ads, not to mention platform-specific restrictions. But so does the operating system version matter, as users of older versions might see ads differently.

To help you laser-target the audience that best suits your offer, we’ve added OS version targeting to the list of campaign settings.


This is especially useful for platform-specific offers, for example, when you promote Utilities.

CPA targeting
Those low-converting zones are real bullies, aren’t they? Taking away your money as if you had any to waste. We’ve sorted it out as well!

From now on, you can automatically exclude poorly performing zones from your campaign every time the stats are updated in the system. This will allow you to reach your target CPA level without going through all the zones manually — which is practically impossible sometimes.


Balance auto-refill
If you run out of funds on your balance, all your campaigns will be automatically stopped until you refill your account. When your balance only starts running low, we send a reminder email, but it can get lost in an inbox of a busy affiliate.

To keep your campaigns running without interruption, we’ve implemented an auto-refill feature. If you’re using a bank card to refill your account, you can set up an automatic payment. Simply specify the amount to re-charge your account with and a threshold below which you don’t want your funds to drop.


The refill amount and the threshold can be altered at any time to better suit your current strategy.


Last but not least we’ve completed a total product redesign! Now your profiles have a refined look — 2021 style.


That’s it for now!
That’s all for now. Stay tuned for further updates — we’ve got more cool stuff coming up.
Got ideas or suggestions about the features we should implement next? We’d be glad to hear them at!

Roller Ads

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Traffic Manager
Roller Ads - Push Notifications Ad Network
RollerAds Product Update — April 2021


The northern hemisphere is at full throttle towards the summer, but it’s not the vacation season just yet, so we’re still working hard delivering new features to our partners.
Here are the recent advancements of the RollerAds platform that we’re proud to present to you in our monthly update.
  1. April’s redesign
Anyone who has ever tried developing a digital product knows that redesign is not a one-time job. In an ideal world — maybe, but the principles of modern software development dictate to prioritize a series of tunes and tweaks over one major update that takes ages to roll out. And that’s what we’re doing.
As part of our April redesign gig, we’ve added an interactive menu to the campaign creation page. It allows you to easily navigate between the steps when creating a campaign and have a birdview of the whole process.

For example, if you decide to tweak the targeting settings after limiting the daily campaign budget, you won’t need to scroll all the way up on the page — just click on the corresponding section in the menu, make the necessary changes, and go back to the section you were at before.
  1. New ad format: In Page Push
This news is for all the push notifications fans: we’ve added an alternative format to the Push portfolio — In page push.
It is similar to traditional push notifications, but has different mechanics which allows you to overcome its native restrictions.
What is In page push?
In page push (IPP) are push notifications that appear in the active browser tab when the user is visiting a website. They look almost as traditional push ads, but appear during an active browser session.
So what are the restrictions that IPP allow you to overcome?
  • Users don’t need to subscribe to receive IPP ads, so the view rate is higher.
  • Users get IPP ads only when actively interacting with the page, thus they’ll definitely see them if they enter the website.
  • IPP work on ALL devices with browsers, including iOS devices unreachable to traditional push ads.
Sounds like enough reasons to give it a try!
To start buying traffic from IPP, just pick the format from the list when creating a new campaign.

  1. Tokenized playments: Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay
Why add a bank card when you can Apple-Pay the hell out of the problem?
Our thoughts exactly!
From now on, you can top up your balance with your preferred tokenized payment method, which applies equally for one-time and scheduled payments.

Please note that the tokenized method will be determined by your browser. For example, if you use Apple Pay on other sites, it will be the one added to your payment methods.
  1. USDT (Tether) payments
Crypto payments are on the rise, so, to accommodate all crypto fans, we’ve added the Tether stable coin to the list of payment methods.

This method was available before within Coinpayments, but since the interest to it in the community was quite high, we’ve decided to highlight it on the main page.

That’s it for now​

These are the major updates of April, but don’t forget about all the work happening in the background. The RollerAds platform is a versatile, powerful structure which requires constant maintenance — and that’s what we do every day, behind the curtains, so that our partners can run campaigns without interruptions.
Stay tuned as we’ve got more updates planned for May.

Roller Ads

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Traffic Manager
Roller Ads - Push Notifications Ad Network
RollerAds Product Update — May 2021


Summer is approaching the northern hemisphere on full throttle, but that doesn’t mean work should stop.
Last week, RollerAds team visited the Affiliate Grand Slam Expo in Dubai while the rest of the crew in the back office were working on developing new features and updates for you.
Here’s what they’ve prepared.

Interactive Rate Map for Onclick and In-Page Push​

So, you’ve already got a taste of our interactive map, yet before it was only available for Push notifications.
Now, we’ve added the format switch so you can check the CPC and CPM rates also for Onlick and in-Page Push campaigns.
The interactive map shows you the number of impressions in each particular country by hover along with CPM rates for Onclick and CPC rates and average daily clicks for push formats — Push and In-Page Push.


Below the map, you will find all the data organized into a table with a convenient search line. Pick the country and compare the rates to your benchmarks in a single tap.


Check out the Interactive Map here.

That’s it!​

If you think that it’s not enough for an update, rest assured: more features are being developed right as you read this post. And if you have a suggestion for a feature to develop, let us know in the comments down below or in a chat with our Support team!