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Role of images in seo

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimisation' started by rashidckk, Aug 6, 2013.

  1. rashidckk

    rashidckk Affiliate affiliate

    Yes, images are important to make a site colorful and appealing but are they important in seo? I have never considered images for seo. I just randomly put some free pics in my each blog post.
  2. Voluum
  3. TrainerPlus

    TrainerPlus Affiliate affiliate

    We all know about Google Image search engine it is also like Google site search engine so you can automatically think about the role of images in search engine example ... if you are writing a good content in your blogpost it will automatically come to the search engine . If you use the alt in your blogpost for the images the alt text you will get more traffic through them . examble if the image is about game then add the alt text "game" . When some one search in the Google Image search with the keyword game . he will get your images and some times they visit your blog post
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  4. rohit21

    rohit21 Guest

    Image should have Alt attributes with matching Keywords so that crawlers read them.
    You can also Pin your images on Pinterest to get followers and more visits.
  5. smoothmarketer

    smoothmarketer Affiliate affiliate

    Pinning images to your blog makes more people find you in searches. And it makes you blog more attractive so more people will actually stop and read the content. Human beings are visual creatures, so you can lure them in more with pictures.
  6. ozadin

    ozadin Affiliate affiliate

    Images make your blog presentable, and very nice to see. It is not required when it comes to SEO, but it gives a better presentation to your visitors, especially if the image is humorous, informative, or interesting. Some sites are dedicated to image sharing, and those sites are pretty popular, so I would say that images probably has a decent impact on SEO.
  7. SimplySidy

    SimplySidy Affiliate affiliate

    Google had announced some years back that the page load time too is a factor for the Rankings. That said, if you have images on the pages, they should be optimized in terms of size and load time. You should opt-in for sprites and use them via CSS. This works fine for smaller images like icons etc. For the larger ones, look onto reducing their size.

    Then, you should always use the alt attribute with Images so that they pass through the validation and then use the keywords via the title attribute.
  8. Trista

    Trista Affiliate affiliate


    I agree. The name of the image file itself should also be descriptive and relevant to the post and the image itself. An image that is, for instance, a "vase" should be so labeled before it is uploaded to the Web site. If it has two words or more, separate the words with a long dash; "Grecian_vase."

    On the other hand, mindful of what Google terms "overly optimized SEO" it's important to not go overboard with a keyword descriptive image file or alt text. Of course the challenge is in knowing the difference between "optimized" and "overly optimized."
  9. Danch

    Danch Affiliate affiliate

    An important factor to consider is Google ranks pages and not websites. Loading time must be reduced consistently. It can be done by using highly optimised images.

    The idea is to prevent browsers from reducing image size. You can always use software like Image Optimizer and Picnik on a consistent basis. Every attempt made to add more clickable URLs within the page is likely to slow down speed. Browsers have set mode of instructions that does not change. Additional code is added for every clickable URL leading to slower speed.
  10. MorgUK

    MorgUK Affiliate affiliate

    I think they are required for SEO. As mentioned they make a page nicer for the reader. What was Google's recent changes about? Making SEO that is natural and benefits the reader (ie not spammed keyword links, but "click here" is better) and I think having images is natural on a web site and should be used often.

    Even if it doesn't directly effect general search SEO, you're bound to get more hits simply via Google Images, which is always a good thing!
  11. rohit21

    rohit21 Guest

    As an Internet marketing strategy, SEO considers how search engines work, what people search for, the actual search terms or keywords typed into search engines and which search engines are preferred by their targeted audience. Optimizing a website may involve editing its content, HTML and associated coding to both increase its relevance to specific keywords and to remove barriers to the indexing activities of search engines. Promoting a site to increase the number of backlinks, or inbound links, is another SEO tactic
  12. atomic76

    atomic76 Affiliate affiliate

    For accessibility purposes, it's best practice to include an Alt tag for each image that accurately describes the content of the image itself, as well as specifying the exact dimensions of the image. Some people used to try and stuff keywords into the Alt tags, but that is a really old black hat technique that hasn't worked in over a decade - worse yet you could potentially get penalized for doing something like that.

    I try to assign featured images for all of my blog posts, because I think it ads some liveliness to the site. But at the same time, it can get rather expensive. So I look for low cost stock image sites for those.
  13. Branko Zecevic

    Branko Zecevic Affiliate affiliate

    Images on website can be optimized for SEO. You can expect some traffic to your site from image search, but it will not be high quality traffic. Still, free traffic is always a good thing. I use WordPress platform for managing my site and I can optimize images which I upload to a page or post. Make sure to include your keyword in: url of the picture, title and alt text. This can help you to get some free traffic from image search.
  14. henlus

    henlus Affiliate affiliate

    I once came across an experiment that concluded that images can help your ranking. I can't really remember the source.

    Like many people have said, you need to use your keyword in the alt attribute and file name. You also have to reduce the size of the image to make it web-friendly.
  15. vividlion

    vividlion Affiliate affiliate

    Images are very important and they also have an influence on your PR, Google's software also check's images and it absolutely LOVES Unique images, and when I say unique images I mean an image that hasn't been indexed by Google or any other search engine and that will contribute to your PR and raise it ultimately if you have a unique image related to your website with the text on it related to your niche.
  16. carlalexander

    carlalexander Affiliate affiliate

    Images are quite important in SEO especially when you use the ALT attributes. ALT attributes are the writings you usually see before an image loads in a slow browser. They basically explain what the image is all about and especially in these days where more and more people use handheld devices, most of which are slow, to access the internet.
  17. Jodiann12

    Jodiann12 Affiliate affiliate

    It seems as if the search engines prefer images and videos more than text. They are always second or third place on the first place of the results, and they can always be placed in Google Images. Sometimes I prefer to search for certain types of information by using Google images. I believe that great original pictures would give your blog or website a very high ranking in search results.
  18. MamaToBoys

    MamaToBoys Affiliate affiliate

    I think that using relevant images along with the SEO is important. Google uses humans to look over sites as well, and they will look for quality. When I write, I write quality. When I have the choice of images, I try to find a relevant free image that adds to the user experience.

    Speaking of images - I need to upload a pix on my profile!
  19. Tribie

    Tribie Affiliate affiliate

    I think images and pictures are very important because people nowadays do not like reading. They tend to rely on images and pictures. This is why the idea of infographics is getting bigger. People tend to stay in sites that have visuals more than words so I think this should be considered in SEO.
  20. fancy

    fancy Affiliate affiliate

    Just as the saying goes “Images speak louder than words” Pictures are quite essential for SEO marketers. Basically looking at the current trend where many people hate reading huge stories images help to present your context in better style to help increase your traffic. Additionally many people enjoy reading stories that are well illustrated by pictures since people tend to understand the context in question better if they are directed by a picture or an image.
  21. NicheGuy

    NicheGuy Affiliate affiliate

    The Google image bot definitely seems to be looking at filename and the alt tag, but it also looks at a lot of the same factors that the Google search bot looks at - title tag, meta description, heading tags, links and anchor text. If we are already focused on optimizing our individual pages, maybe it's time to remember that image optimization is just as important. Oh, and it also seems to be important that you host your own images, but you already knew that, right? ;)