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Resources that will make you smarter!

Discussion in 'General Discussions and Lounge' started by Maximum, Nov 18, 2015.

  1. Maximum

    Maximum Guest

    "The difference between school and life? In school, you're taught a lesson and then given a test. In life, you're given a test that teaches you a lesson."
    - Tom Bodett

    #1: Typing.com - Learn how to type easy, quick, and free.
    #2: CodeAcademy - Learn web-coding languages and how to use them for personal or commercial projects.
    #3: Khan Academy - Learn multiple subjects that range from math, to science, etc.
    #4: YouTube - Education - Multiple videos on YouTube about different topics of education.
    #5: Brain Pump - Stop watching television and learn something new and interesting.
    #6: Mental Floss - Interesting & amazing facts/article + really fun trivia!
    #7: Duolingo - Sharpen your language skills.
    #8: Freerice - Learn multiple subjects while donating rice to the poor for each answer that is selected correctly.
    #9: Instructables - Learn to do just about anything!
    #10: Lifehacker - Articles containing tips, tricks, and guides that will make your life easier and make your mind more complex!
    #11: TED-Ed - Lessons about multiple subjects that anyone may like!
    #12: Udemy - Lessons and courses that contain videos & guides about multiple subjects.
    #13: Unplug The TV - Suggestions on watching informative videos besides normal television or other online videos.
    #14: AboveTopSecret - Alternative news sources that are a wealth of information along with things that are not shared main-stream.
    #15: VSauce - This YouTube user provides multiple videos about amazing facts that most of us doesn't already know.
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    T J Tutor

    T J Tutor GM Administrator Certified Vendor Dojo Master affiliate

    These are very wise words and thank you for this post. This is something that should be shared across all three of our forums.
  4. Maximum

    Maximum Guest

  5. AF-Roger

    AF-Roger Affiliate affiliate

    Outstanding post!!
  6. K36

    K36 Affiliate affiliate

    Great post!
  7. KSIXJeremy44

    KSIXJeremy44 Guest

    SICK! great list. Let's see how we could all contribute to this.
  8. Gustavowoltman

    Gustavowoltman Affiliate affiliate

    Great! Thanks for sharing!
  9. Maximum

    Maximum Guest

    If anyone is able to contribute to make the list grow than share what educational resources you know!

    I'll be willing to check it out and see if it is good enough to add onto the list (I'm a nerd, so yeah...)
  10. ShereenUSA

    ShereenUSA Affiliate affiliate

    Wonderful links for expanding the mind! I would like to add Coursera.com to the list for free and small fee online courses and specializations that offer certificates of completion.
  11. rz3300

    rz3300 Affiliate affiliate

    TED-Ed is probably the best site on the internet in my opinion. I do not visit it nearly as much as I should, but you can find presentations and reports on anything that interests you, and those TED Talks videos are very entertaining as well as resourceful and intelligent. It used to be my main place to go when I was in college for any media that I needed, and I suppose it has just gotten better since those days.
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  12. SenseiSteve

    SenseiSteve Affiliate affiliate

    I second the recommendation for Ted Talks videos. I've also found Khan Academy very interesting. YouTube has helped me learn a ton of stuff too. It's amazing how many videos are there on just about everything.
  13. RadWebHosting

    RadWebHosting Affiliate affiliate

    That list of resources is chalk full of great sites!
  14. mdvelops

    mdvelops Affiliate affiliate

    I love Udemy! Pay about $10 bucks and take a well-rated course on there. You won't be disappointed. It's a great and interactive website.
  15. LiveChatAdam

    LiveChatAdam Guest

    Awesome post! Thanks Maximum for sharing this with us!