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Real time affiliate sale notifications and stats

Would you pay for a tool to get realtime commission alerts from CJ?

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  • $20-$50 flat fee for a Wordpress plugin

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Hi guys

I'm brand new here, just starting my affiliate marketing adventure.

In Commission Junction / Conversant, it doesn't look like you get real time alerts / notifications of your affiliate sales. And I can't find any tools out there that do this. Do you know of any 3rd party tools that offer this? ie, real time notifications of affiliate sales for CJ?

I'm a web developer and this is something that I could potentially build as a service. So my question is: would you guys be interested in this service? Maybe a user could select some or all of these:
  • send a text message in real time
  • send an email in real time
  • popup a browser notification in real time

If you are interested, would you pay for this tool? How much? $5/month? $10/month? $20/month? A flat fee for a Wordpress plugin? Please take the poll and let me know!

Any features you can think of that you would love to see in a tool like this? Simplified stats that are easier to view than the CJ Reports? Anything else?

It's just an idea at this point. But maybe if you all are interested, I'd build it.

Let me know your thoughts! Thanks!!
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