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Workshop: How to Choose the Right CPA Offer?

Hurry up to register! The workshop is today!

Join us at 3 PM GMT, to find out everything about:

✅ What is a CPA Offer
✅ What are the elements of a CPA Offer
✅ What are the basic principles of choosing an offer
✅ What to look for, and how to analyze an offer
✅ Live example of analyzing and choosing an offer
❓Open Q&A Session

Get all your CPA Offer questions ready, and get ready to make money!

Register now
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Traffic Manager
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PropellerAds Audiences in Action!

We have an awesome new feature that allows you to target custom audiences compiled by their interests and demographics. We also have a case study and some useful advice to run a successful campaign with this tool. And all of it is for you!

Here are our Top-5 tips to try:

1) Try to match offers and audiences
For example, dating offers and dating audiences. This will bring an average increase in CTR of 25-30%

2) Set the rate slightly higher than the Traffic Estimator shows
Since the volume of audience traffic is limited, in order to get an impression it is better to wittingly raise the bid.

3) Always check the amount of available traffic with the Traffic Estimator
Sometimes there may be less than 200 clicks available – in that case you should try to expand your target, set of interests, or try another geo. However, when launching on small audiences, place a maximum bid to get those 200 clicks.

4) Run A/B tests to assess the audience effect
While a campaign without audience targeting will allow you to evaluate traffic in general, an audience campaign will more effectively buy out the users you need.

5) Don’t be afraid to experiment
According to our statistics, we found curious combinations of offers and interests, such as sports offer on an igaming interest or sweepstakes on a financial interest.

How about discovering the way PropellerAds Audiences work in practice?
Before you get started with this new targeting tool, make sure to read this case study and arm yourself with some fruity insights.

Test Interest Targeting
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Traffic Manager
PropellerAds Advertising Network
Propeller On Air #8: How to champion iGaming campaigns this summer? [Live Podcast]

Are you looking for your next big hit?

Renz Gonzales, PropellerAds Super Team Leader of the Hunters Group, and Melissa Rudd, 1Win’s Mega Account Manager have talked about Winning Strategies for this Summer’s Super Sporting Events!

Listen to the podcast to learn about:

  • Turning uncertainty to your favour and making money after the pandemic
  • What to advertise between so many huge sporting events
  • Bidding strategies that will leave your competitors in your dust
  • All the betting GEOs you absolutely must target this summer
  • Exclusive tips to score big at formats and creatives
  • Inside stories, tips, and personal examples on running sports campaigns

Get all the know-how to kick start this summer’s Sporting Campaigns with style and bling!


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Traffic Manager
PropellerAds Advertising Network
Publishers’ Webinar – 6 Effective Traffic Monetization Methods

Do you want to learn about various ways you could start cashing in on your website? Then watch the first-ever PropellerAds Webinar for Publishers – exclusive, free and insightful :cool:

The hosts: Senior Partnership Managers – Valeria Palchikova & Maro Chalntoupi


- What is «Website Monetization» & How to get started with it
10:35 - How You Can Monetize Your Website
18:00 - What Affects Your Monetization Income
26:41 - The Secret To Improving Your Monetization
30:26 - The 6 Effective Monetization Methods
49:00 - Game Time
58:50 - Case Study – Live Streaming Website & MultiTag Monetization

Start Earning Here


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Traffic Manager
PropellerAds Advertising Network

5 Reasons for Publishers to start using Propeller Ads today

#1. No Advanced Code-Editing Skills Required

The best thing about our business model for publishers, is that our monetization solutions do all the work. Working with us, it’s a 100% passive income stream.

#2. Easy to get started
Your account is activated as soon as you sign-up. And once in, you can literally start earning within minutes.

#3. We work alongside other monetization platforms
If you’re already using AdSense but want to further increase your website revenue, you can do it. In fact, PropellerAds can be used in conjunction with several other monetization platforms.

#4. More monetization methods than you know what to do with
Here are the most popular monetization ways from which you can choose:

#5. You Get Clean Ads Only
And we make sure of that by moderating them 24/7. This way, you get no viruses, no malware, or obscene Content. Your users will trust your website to provide a safe and pleasant experience.

That’s not all! Find more reasons
here and start monetizing!


Traffic Manager
Traffic Manager
PropellerAds Advertising Network

Publisher’s Absolute Guide to Traffic Monetization

Not sure how to start monetizing your traffic effectively? Or you’re not making enough money with your current monetization solution? We can help you solve this problem!

There are a lot of aspects that you need to properly consider and prepare for, before you can start actually making the nice profits. That’s why we prepared an Absolute Guide to Traffic Monetization especially for you.

What’s in the Publisher’s Absolute Guide?

This is the most detailed instruction for all occasions.
You will find the following information:

  • What is website monetization
  • The 6 easy ways to monetize your traffic
  • What can affect your website monetization
  • What tools you can use to improve your traffic
  • How do Publishers get paid
  • Why choose PropellerAds as your monetization solution
Use this guide every time something comes up and you don’t know how to handle it and may the profit be with you!



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Traffic Manager
PropellerAds Advertising Network

What Monetization Format to Choose?

So many monetization formats, so hard to choose :rolleyes:

Popunder, Push Notifications, In-Page Push, Direct Links, Interstitials - from what format could your site benefit? What are the best practices for monetizing with these formats?

Find answers in this
very detailed article!

The article can help you improve your monthly performance as a beginner or even more experienced publisher.


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Traffic Manager
PropellerAds Advertising Network

We’re 10 yeeaaaaars old!!!

This means we’ll celebrate like never before.

Do you think we're going to launch a bonus give-away? Nah! We have something more interesting for you! We’ve launched a really huge raffle for EVERYONE - for each of you, whether you’re one of our clients or not.

What are the prizes?

  • MacBook Pro with Apple M1 chip
  • GoPro Hero 9
  • Cash
  • AirPods Pro
  • Nintendo Switch
  • and more
Hurry up! Registration closes on August 20.
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Traffic Manager
PropellerAds Advertising Network

CPA Goal is now Available on Interstitials

The CPA Goal is now available on all PropellerAds formats: Push Notifications, Popunders, and now Interstitials as well!

What is the CPA Goal

The CPA Goal is an auto-optimization tool. It uses machine learning to analyze big data and predict the traffic segments that are the most performant for your campaigns.

It does it by first analyzing similar campaigns’ CPC bids, and then targeting only the good performing zones. This process continues until it reaches a price you set for it – your CPA target value (or Goal).


What are the benefits of using the CPA Goal?

#1 Higher Conversion Rate (CR) & Quality Traffic

Your campaign’s performance will improve, leading to a higher CR, CTR, and implicitly higher ROI. In addition, your campaign will only get traffic that matches your target CPA.

#2 More Traffic
Once the campaign starts converting better (bringing higher CR), you’ll start getting more traffic for your campaign.

#3 Cheaper Campaigns
You also get to cut down on your expenses, by excluding the bad performing zones.

#4 Traffic Volumes Based on Your Conversion Rates
Campaigns are also optimized based on the conversion rate: with a high CR, you will likely get most of the available traffic, based on your CPA Goal.

CPA Goal for Interstitials: Best Practices

  • Allow plenty of time (between 2 and 3 days) and money for the testing period. Remember that when you are testing, the fluctuations might go a bit higher, so be prepared financially as well. You could also start with a higher daily limit, and then lower it if needed – this way you’ll get more accurate results.
  • Start by running the first campaign on all zones, and slowly add extra campaigns once the CPA Goal identifies the best performing sources and targeting. Don’t forget to set increased bids to get the most of their traffic.
  • Play with your creatives, and make sure to identify the elements that will most likely attract the shares of traffic that the CPA Goal will identify as the best performing. Don’t forget that Interstitials also come packed with themes, so take your time experimenting with those as well.

Launch CPA Goal campaign


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Traffic Manager
PropellerAds Advertising Network

Direct Click: Your Shortest Way to the Most Engaged Audience

Behold, meet PropellerAds’ new feature! From now on, our dear customers have a great opportunity to choose a new traffic type – Direct Click. This feature provides access to the list of chosen ad placements and allows you to purchase a direct visit right to your offer.

Right now, this option is available for:

  • Account levels: Gold & Platinum
  • Ad format: Onclick
Direct Click includes different types of placements and formats, so it is more than just buying the ad zone. When you use it, visitors get to your offer directly – no extra steps or creatives are needed, which makes the conversion flow shorter.

Reasons to try Direct Click
  • Simple and fast access to the most relevant and active audience. With Direct Click, you don’t have to optimize your campaigns for a long time – top traffic becomes yours right away;
  • Really high CR. As proved by our internal tests, Direct Click can boast of impressive results regarding CR – from 10 to 120 times higher;
  • Exclusive option for speedy tests of your new offers. With Direct Click, you don’t have to buy tons of traffic for a test – users are already maximally engaged.
  • Top-notch traffic sources within reach. These sources were hard to test before. Now you can try working with them and enjoy truly great campaign results.
How to activate Direct Click?
  1. Log into your account (Gold or Platinum level)
  2. Create a new campaign
  3. Choose the Onclick format
  4. Set Direct Click traffic type

Send the users right to your offers !


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Traffic Manager
PropellerAds Advertising Network

Profit Marathon Promo: Increase Your Spend and Get a Bonus

Breaking News! We decided to run a Promo that would help reinforce our efforts.

This year we’re relaunching the Profit Marathon, which now expands over various autumn holidays and sales. The magical 42 Profit Marathon days will also be filled with several major sporting events.

Here’s how you can get a Promo Code:

#1. Increase your spending
Increase your spending compared to that you had between the 8th September – 19th October, during the upcoming 42 days (20th of October – 30th of November) on any ad format.

#2. Continue running campaigns
Continue Running Campaigns with the increased spend between the 20th of October and 30th of November.

#3. Claim the bonus (up to

All the details including Terms & Conditions are here

Read them and start your profit marathon!


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Traffic Manager
PropellerAds Advertising Network

Publisher’s Super Promo: Want it, Work it, Cash it

This time gifts are coming earlier, because we launched a Promo! And not just any promo, but one that will help you maximize your profit, while taking advantage of all the monetization formats, under one tag – the MultiTag.

All it takes for you to get in and score one of the amazing bonuses that we’ve got ready for you, is to run MultiTag for 30 cheerful days, between November 12 – December 12, 2021. If you manage to earn enough monetizing this format, you’ll get bonuses up to $500.

And that is not all! On December 14 we’ll host a special Random Raffle for all the clients that ran the MultiTag over the 30 days Promo Period, but didn’t reach the profit requirements to claim the bonus.

Read for details

MultiTag is an all-in-one tag (containing Popunder, Interstitials, Classic Push, and In-Page Push). It’s fully optimized to flawlessly run all the formats simultaneously.

Hurry up to register in order to install MultiTag and take part in the promo!


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Traffic Manager
PropellerAds Advertising Network

[Publisher Case Study]: MultiTag vs. Interstitial and In-Page Push

Sometimes it is very difficult to choose the most suitable monetization format or a combination of formats for your site.

The best way is to try everything in practice. But it’s much better to study other publishers' case studies first, and only then try to repeat their success or avoid their mistakes.

One of our publishers shared an interesting case study with us. He compared the results of three campaigns: 1) Interstitials 2) In-Page Push 3) MultiTag.

He ran these three tests between September 9th – October 9th. The setups that our client was using for all three campaigns were:

  • GEOs: Worldwide (main: FR, CA, BE)
  • Platform: 50% Mobile + 50% Desktop
  • OS: Android, iOS, Windows
Can you guess which format performed the best? ;)

All the details and results of his campaigns, are here