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Post Back Integration With Facebook...

Discussion in 'Tracking' started by ukhealthman, Jun 17, 2014.

  1. ukhealthman

    ukhealthman Affiliate affiliate

    I noticed on the new Voluum tracking system there is like many others postback integration with traffic sources (and networks)

    The Postback URL and External ID fields are used to send conversions back to your traffic source. These are advanced settings that many users won't use. If you want more info please consult our documentation.

    The cost fields allow you to automatically track costs based on what the traffic source charges you per click. Not all traffic sources support this, 50onRed for example does and it would look like what you see to the left. When you input the cost parameter for a traffic source, this enables the Auto cost tracking option when launching a campaign later using that traffic source

    IS THIS AT ALL POSSIBLE WITH FACEBOOK - any expertise in this area would be much appreciated...
  2. newbidder
  3. servandosilva

    servandosilva Moderator moderator affiliate

    I don't think this is possible with Facebook. You can use subid's or conversion tracking with a pixel, but not using a postback, which is a shame because most affiliate networks need postback URLs to work.

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