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Pop Journey 2018

Discussion in 'Follow Alongs and Online Journeys' started by initial-9, Jul 23, 2018.

  1. initial-9

    initial-9 Affiliate affiliate

    Hey everyone,

    I am new to this forum & i am a newbie in this field.

    I've decided to start my journey on mobile pops, after getting Adplexity & Voluum, learning a lot , I am making this thread to post my progress for myself , maybe others can give some advice / learn from my journey

    : Voluum ( maybe switch to another tracker because voluum triple their pricing)
    Spy Tool: Mobile Adplexity
    Vertical: Sweeps

    Here is my screen shot mobile journey

    2nd attempt post on mad.png

    In this case , i try 1 mobile content offer that get a quite good revenue from network & try it with 6 LP , 1 traffic source.
    looks like i have to test other offer since the ctr is bad .
    maybe i have to change LP and cut bad zone id or test different traffic source ?

    Btw,I'm using liquidweb vps , but i see my loading time is lagging.
    How do you guys setup the landing page on server so that it can be under 1s all the time ?
    Ex : i have 6 LP i want to upload , do i just use subdomain for each LP ?

    Thanks before
    Have a good day !!

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    Last edited: Jul 23, 2018
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  2. CPA Evolution
  3. MollySipe

    MollySipe Affiliate affiliate

    I can't see this screen shot.
  4. MollySipe

    MollySipe Affiliate affiliate

    Could you post it once again?
  5. initial-9

    initial-9 Affiliate affiliate

    sorry , i've edited the post
  6. Patrick3333

    Patrick3333 Affiliate affiliate

    You need to test more dude, among the Lp you have, try to figure out which one works better, also try to check others traffic sources. You can also use the spy-tool you use to help you running some analytic on this campaign, and also spy on some of your competitors and see what they do, that you could apply to this campaign of yours, and make it better.
  7. initial-9

    initial-9 Affiliate affiliate

    hey , thanks for your advice .

    i figured out maybe the offer and the LP is not good. i killed that last campaign after 3 days running.

    yesterday i launch an new campagin , i tried 7 similar offer with 1 LP with 1 Traffic source. For LP i took from adplexity & modify it .Here is my ss :

    3nd attempt post on mad.png

    Also i tried a bot filtering script.not sure if it's working but i have number of click that got filtered.

    Maybe i have to test a lot more offer & give them some time

    After this campagin i'll switch to bemob, i think they have a similar platform with voluum at a cheaper cost.
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  8. IAmUnstoppable

    IAmUnstoppable Affiliate affiliate

    Good luck!!!!! I like the commitment
  9. Sam Jones

    Sam Jones Affiliate affiliate

    let's see where this will take you, hope you found the bonanza on this!
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  10. Anthony.

    Anthony. Moderator moderator Business & Content Director affiliate

    Goodluck with this! Keep us updated and if you have any questions just ask :D
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  11. affmarketer101

    affmarketer101 Affiliate affiliate

    Good luck, and keep sharing as much detail as possible. :D :D
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  12. Certified

    tyoussef Moderator moderator Certified Vendor Service Manager affiliate

    perfect @initial-9 you are on the road keep going.
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  13. sam patra

    sam patra Affiliate affiliate

    traffic source ??
  14. Graybeard

    Graybeard Well-Known Member affiliate

    I would try another traffic source ...
    Sweeps means email submit and an entry in a give-away?
    The price of conversion is your email?
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  15. Mobidea

    Mobidea Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager Service Manager affiliate

    @initial-9 Hey! Seems like you have your first conversions, congrats! Now you can try to play with those offers. Gain more statistics to see what can you optimize better!
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  16. initial-9

    initial-9 Affiliate affiliate

    Hello everyone,

    Thanks for your support,

    For network , in this case it's all mobidea offer , but i have a few other network to try next time , got accepted in couple network.

    yes, it's something like "win phone,voucher etc" & yes the conversion is sometimes SOI & DOI. Actually today i try 1 more traffic source but got no conversion after draining my daily budget for the offer that had conversion, maybe it's just doesn't work there , got to test a lot more.

    After running mobile pop sweeps for a while , just wondering , i personally won't enter the survey & give my email to this kind of offer if this survey/congratulation things pop up in my phone, why would anyone wants to enter their personal data for this kind of offer ? maybe it's just me

    If everyone is copying the same exact LP , traffic source from adplexity or some kind of spy tool , what would be our edge as an affiliate in mobile pop? learn to optimize it is the same thing , i see the advice would be cut the bad placement, try a bunch of traffic source etc. it's just a race looking for a gold needle in this complex offer the network had & whoever find it first can enjoy it a while & then being copied and so on and so on.
    this was just my opinion in my little mind after running mobile pop sweeps a while , maybe there's more to it that i don't know yet
  17. popcash

    popcash Traffic Manager Traffic Manager affiliate

    @initial-9 Congrats for your effort.
    As a tip, you should focus your attention on traffic sources which gave you access to their inventory by offering whitelist / blacklist targeting.

    Keep in mind that the traffic coming directly from the visitor has better conversion rates than the one which is being redirected and passed through several systems.
    Recently, more and more offers are requiring time targeting as well, as some of them need to be active between specific day intervals. Having this feature is also important.
    Some of the networks, may be kind enough to share a general blacklist. This can help you in having a good start by avoiding the under-performing traffic sources.

    You can ask their support about this blacklist, if not, then you can start to create your own lists and save them for future campaigns. Although, updating them is important as new publishers may become inactive.

    These may sound as general tips, however, they work ;):cool:

    Good luck !
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