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Permanent Redirecting = Horrible SERPs and TrustRank

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimisation' started by KyleEagle, Oct 22, 2012.

  1. KyleEagle

    KyleEagle Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    From personal experience – or stupidity if you rather call it – I have learned the hard way that you cannot buy domains and have them 301 Redirect to your website. This method used to work great, however, with all of the new Google Panda Algorithm changes, this method is now considered black hat SEO, which means you will be penalized hard. There are several quick changes you can complete to get your site bouncing back up to normal. **Please Note** this can take several weeks for Googlebot and other Search Engines to reindex your website.

    Remove Redirects and Ping - The most important thing you must do is remove the redirects from all websites that contain them. After this has been done, use PingDevice and ping BOTH the website and your website! Doing this will notify Search Engines that both websites have made changes.

    Use Fetch as Googlebot in Google Webmaster Tools - Once you have pinged both websites, use Google’s “Fetch as Googlebot” tool in their Google Webmasters Account to manually notify Google your site has been changed. You only need to do a quick fetch with this tool. After using this tool, Google seems to have already indexed our pages within an hour. Read More About Fetch as Googlebot.

    Update Content on Your Website - After completing both steps, follow up with adding a new page to your website. The reason I believe this will help out, is because this gives another reason for Search Engines to come crawl your website. Each time you create a new page, you’re generating another xx amount of keywords for potential organic search traffic.

    There’s another Google PageRank update in November, so start updating this as soon as you can! The faster you complete this, the more time Google will have to evaluate your website and give it authority.
  2. newbidder
  3. Marc

    Marc 武士- Spamurai affiliate

    Is this true also for backlinks and internal links :confused:?
    A link always redirects to a target page !
  4. KyleEagle

    KyleEagle Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    My apologizes, the title of this is supposed to be: Permanent Redirecting = Horrible SERPs and TrustRank
  5. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

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