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Pay per click links?


Please excuse my ignorance. I'm just getting started with e-commerce and I don't know anything about it yet. I'm not sure this is the right forum for my question either.

If a site about mobile phones has a list of say 40 links to different companies in the mobile phone business, does the site owner get paid per click by those companies? If I would like to make such a page, would I have to close a deal with every company I link to or can I join one program that arranges those deals?


It depends. The site might just be putting links just to share it with it's users/visitors...However, there is a chance that these companies can pay to advertiser their website on your website...this usually happens if your website gets tremendous traffic. Now it's upon you and the buyer to choose from Pay Per Click (PhpAdsNew is a good free software to keep track of clicks and impressions) or just advertising where you get a straight amount per/month.

I am not sure of any program which will arrange it for you. However, if you have the right keywords, then just join Google Ads and they will show ad relevant to your keywords...It pays off ;)


Thanks for your answer Eminem!
Eminem said:
It depends. The site might just be putting links just to share it with it's users/visitors... ;)

In case of a site like , I'm sure they make money of their links. But they've got such a shipload of links; I doubt they'd negotiate a deal with every single company they link to.

Does anyone know of a service that you can use to get paid for linking to a list of companies of your choice? So I'm not talking about contextual advertising, like Adsense, where you can't choose the companies you want to advertise but only those that you don't.


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Hi retsambew, have you thought of joining an affiliate network. The big advantage of a network is you get to choose which links to place on your site. This is similar to google adsense, but you get to choose which links to display. The network will pay you for leads or traffic you bring to your site.

A big advantage about joining a network is you can have a number of different links on your site, each from different advertisers, but you do not have to worry about keeping track on how many advertisers, as the network will pay you one amount and they will run around collecting the revenue from all the advertisers.