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Pay for Reviews, Personal Links on Stumble, myspace, etc.?


Hello Everyone,

First a disclaimer, and then my question. Disclaimer - I am brand-new to web development and marketing. I have recently received some great input from various 5 Star forums, including several on my site review request.

MY QUESTION concerns social marketing services. Are there any companies that one can pay to have (for example) 100 different myspace or stumbleupon users to write reviews of one's website, or to at least ad links to, or anything similar? [Ideally with a specific user demographic.] Do companies or services like this exist? If so - can you please point me toward them?

Thanks in advance for any input you can lend me!



New Member
Review me is the first one that comes to mind, though I believe there are traffic requirements.
But i I have seen bloggers request that other high profile bloggers being paid to review other blogs.


Great Concept!

I have seen a product marketed on another forum that will build up your MySpace presence for quite a large fee. It got rave reviews from other members. Other than that I have never seen anything like this.

I am new to social bookmarking. I have close to 50 in my list. I have not determined really in fact if it works but I think it may just be a matter of time. Compared to all of my other marketing techniques this one is definitely a time gobbler and I completely understand why you are in the market for a service to handle this for you.

I started marketing on-line a few years ago and because of time restrictions have been sticking to my tried and true methods. It is just recently that I noticed a drop in my success rate and have taken the plunge into the Web 2.0 world. I know if there were a way to to streamline the whole process and create some kind of tool that would take care of or reduce the efforts of the 'social' aspect it would be a valuable one.

I am sure the gurus are working on it!

I will be paying attention to this forum to see what the results are.