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Paid vs Organic Traffic

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by DieselFit, Sep 15, 2013.

  1. DieselFit

    DieselFit Affiliate affiliate

    Everyone hopes to gain more traffic to their links and some people are even willing to spend money on it. Have you had experience with buying traffic and did it work for you in the end? Was it for an Adsense link or were you just trying to improve the link's ranking on Google or Alexa?

    Or do you think it's just better to get traffic organically without paying for it?
  2. Voluum
  3. wowtgp

    wowtgp Affiliate affiliate

    Why not go for both? It will boost your income in the long run. I have been using some Hitleap premium traffic to get the boost I needed.
  4. smoothmarketer

    smoothmarketer Affiliate affiliate

    I use both methods and I get equal success. The secret with free advertising is to go with good well renowned sites. Some free advertising sites are a waste of time, and some paid traffic sources are a waste of money.
  5. Eudora13

    Eudora13 Affiliate affiliate

    You can't have organic traffic flowing your way from day one. It's a long and slow process. So it's always a good idea to pull traffic through paid options in the beginning, while the organic flow carries on in its own pace. Use of both is the wisest.
  6. atomic76

    atomic76 Affiliate affiliate

    I've worked in internet marketing for years, managing pay per click accounts in the Insurance and Online Education space. Paid Search is a fantastic channel, but the costs have gone up dramatically over the past 10 years, making it even more critical to have your accounts set up properly from the get go - otherwise you risk losing a lot of money making amateur mistakes. There isn't much room for experimenting and making mistakes when you are on a tight budget.
  7. Hank

    Hank Affiliate affiliate

    What is the best way to get some paid traffic at the moment?

    I always like organic traffic better, it's gonna be worth more to my site, but a little extra from paid source wont do any harm :)
  8. Darth-Apple

    Darth-Apple Affiliate affiliate

    For me, it depends on the type of "paid traffic" my site is receiving. I would never pay a company that promised a certain number of visits in a 30 day period because the traffic would not likely be useful for improving my forum or community. In that sense, organic traffic is always better.

    Adsense is a little different in my opinion. With adsense, you are actually getting people who are interested in your content, guaranteed, since only people who found your ad interesting will click on it. That's where I personally draw the line. If it results in visitors that are genuinely interested in my content, then I'm more apt to consider it.

    That said, I must admit that I have actually never purchased paid traffic of any kind to date. Ads are expensive. :tongue:
  9. bauss

    bauss Affiliate affiliate

    It's all about where you buy the traffic if you're looking for paid traffic. You can achieve faster results when buying paid traffic, but it's also important to make sure you're making more money then you're spending.

    You need a plan. Organic traffic is also good, but results will vary based on the time you spend promoting, and how you're promoting your site.
  10. semaphore.v

    semaphore.v Affiliate affiliate

    The advantage of organic search marketing is that organic listings are more trusted by searchers than paid listings.
  11. charleskay

    charleskay Affiliate affiliate

    Organic traffic is better cause the effects in terms of traffic increase is long lasting and its free.
  12. kathleen Collins

    kathleen Collins Affiliate affiliate

    Even though organic traffic is better, the build up is very slow.
    It is always better to opt for both the methods - paid as well as organic.
    This not only increases your following, it also gets you in the loop and increases the chances of attaining more organic traffic.
  13. fpforum

    fpforum Affiliate affiliate

    Organic is most definitely better than paid..But hey, if you can afford paid adwords traffic the quality might not be that much worse.
  14. CodeMaster67

    CodeMaster67 Affiliate affiliate

    I'd only pay for traffic if I needed to get some nice traffic rolling in and I didn't have the time.
  15. CeliVega

    CeliVega Affiliate affiliate

    I suggest going with both paid and organic traffic as well. For new sites or blogs, paid traffic is very reliable to gain more recognition and traffic. When you got a consistent traffic, organic or natural traffic will do their job as well. At this point you can choose to ditch paid traffic, but I recommend using them as it's a guarantee that they will generate traffic consistently.
  16. JeronimoMagalhaes

    JeronimoMagalhaes Affiliate affiliate

    If I buy traffic, it has to be from an extremely reliable source, otherwise it's just not worth it. Many people will simply hand over fake traffic that doesn't convert in the end.
  17. mikelouis

    mikelouis Affiliate affiliate

    You can use paid traffic to get your blog noted then later switch to organic traffic. Remember Adsense is strict on paid traffic so make sure you sign up for Adsense when you have switched to organic traffic.
  18. gadgetised

    gadgetised Guest

    I find it is better to not use paid traffic at all if you don't have to. Naturally growing your search traffic is simple with the right content and SEO. If you need to, you can give your site a bit of a boost with paid and targeted traffic, but like others have said, Adsense is not a fan. Organic traffic on the other hand, is perfect for Adsense and is actually the best for clicks.
  19. Crystal2157

    Crystal2157 Affiliate affiliate

    I think you should go for both. There are many websites like SEOclerks, where freelancers provide quality traffic, Iin the strarting of site paid traffic will help you a lot, after that you can go for other time consuming options.
  20. peterdrucker27

    peterdrucker27 Affiliate affiliate

    If You Buy Paid Traffic Or Organic Traffic both will drive lot of traffic for your website but you will get quick result with the help of paid traffic and the best option is Google Ads.for Organic Traffic you have to promote your website on all social networking platform and do off page activity this will help you a lot.
  21. Siraj Mahmood

    Siraj Mahmood Affiliate affiliate

    Google represent both methods paid or organic quick way is paid and organic way take a long time. Google own prefer organic way which build Good SERP in Google. But today's peoples want result fast they have no patience that's why they use pay per click method instead of Organic. ;)