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Per OriginalityAI 03/31/2023

We are excited to announce that our AI team has been working hard to train and validate an updated AI that can detect GPT-4, while also reducing false positives.

With the increased complexity of GPT-4 generated content, outdated AI detection tools will not be up to the task of detecting it.

Our team has generated impressive results, improving detection accuracy to 96.07% with a reduced false positive rate of 2.3%.

Although the updated model is not live yet, it will be available within the next week. We will provide another update once it is live.

In addition, the next update will increase the limit on the plagiarism checker and add highlighting for team members.

I expect these updates will be coming fast and furious now with all of these top tier developers.
Do referral links need to be identified as such or not?

Thanks for asking awesomesauce!

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just put some money on this site its been a big help checking out peoples blogs and what not. a lot of websites with ai content trying to be sold quick.
So did we. It has been a great help. They are definitely among the best at AI detection.
It's impressive to see how your AI team is keeping up with the ever-evolving world of AI, especially with the complexity of GPT-4 generated content. The improved detection accuracy and reduced false positives sound like fantastic progress!

I'm really looking forward to the updated model going live on next week. The increased limit on the plagiarism checker and the addition of highlighting for team members will be super useful. It's great to know that these updates will be rolling out quickly. Keep up the awesome work!
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