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Optimize with Voluum: Tips and New Tools for your AM Success. Suggestions Welcome.

Discussion in 'Tracking' started by Karolina Voluum, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. Karolina Voluum

    Karolina Voluum Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Let's add a bit of structure here.

    Why not have one place for all the small updates and improvements we're implementing in the Voluum platform? After all, they're being developed because you've asked for them. Don't worry - I'll keep it short and simple - I want to neither spam nor bore you with technicalities here.

    What will happen in this thread:

    Product updates will be posted here, no matter how small, as long as they bring value for you.

    Let me know your thoughts on them, but really, anything related to Voluum is good with me and will be seriously considered.

    Have improvements or new features you’d like to see in Voluum in mind? Share!

    I want to create one space for these comments so you know where to go to with your suggestions and can also speak for or against others' ideas.

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  2. CPA Evolution
  3. Karolina Voluum

    Karolina Voluum Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    I. In response to the requests we got for saving last opened global report we’ve added this functionality as a 3rd option to “Default HOME screen” in general settings.


    This option is connected to HOME button and VOLUUM logo button in panel.


    From now on, when you have this option enabled, panel will save the last opened global report locally - when you i.e. open a report for any particular campaign and then click VOLUUM logo or HOME, you will be redirected to the last opened global report with all its filtering saved.

    Also remember that the BACK BUTTON functionality is working as well. I mentioned that in a previous post here.

    II. We’ve added a new feature known from our mobile app - moving time range with arrows.


    Now you can smoothly move current range to prev/next range of the same type, i.e. starting from Today and clicking left arrow you will see the results for yesterday, clicking left arrow again you will see them for the day before etc. The same pattern with months and years and custom date times.

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  4. Karolina Voluum

    Karolina Voluum Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Issue at hand: saving filtering options when opening a new report in Voluum.

    Some of the feedback you shared with me recently was about this - when you applied filtering (i.e. custom time range or else) to campaigns' list and opened a report for one of the campaigns matching it, you couldn't go back to a view with your filtering options saved, just had to manually apply it again.
    I know, frustrating, time-consuming and sometimes impossible to do (you don't always pay attention to the options you select, right?).

    We gave this issue a bit of thought and agreed 100% - it could and should have been done in a better way.

    So we came up with 3 custom solutions.

    They're all available for you now.

    Option I. You can open reports in new tab and check it later.[​IMG]
    There is a new button above the table, and a new option in context menu:


    Option II. You can have Last opened global report option enabled in your settings, and Voluum will save the last opened global report locally for you.
    More about this feature in the post above.

    Option III. You can use BACK BUTTON functionality.
    Once you open the report for a campaign, or anything else, and want to come back to the filtered list, the browser’s Back button will do the job.

    How do you like your new options?