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Open Love Letter to Google

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimisation' started by Dan Lingo24, Oct 2, 2009.

  1. Dan Lingo24

    Dan Lingo24 Affiliate affiliate


    I’d like to share a story about the ups and downs of our Google ranks. Once we ranked highly, then we plummeted and we got up to the top once again. I work for Lingo24 an UK based translation agency and in the office we were joking about how our relationship with Google is like a very intense love story in which G is the heartbreaker Don Juan who likes to play with our feelings. Our jokes developed in “An Open Love Letter to G, Mon Amour”. Hope you’ll find it entertaining.
    An Open Letter to G, Mon Amour:
    I can remember when we first met. I was lonely and hungry. You were plain; a stick of a thing compared to your current self. You didn’t say much. You didn’t need to. You’d captured the Zeitgeist. It wasn’t love at first sight – I knew even then that competition for your affections would be fierce. But I think even you would admit that you saw something in me. We were on the same page.... [An Open Letter to G, Mon Amour]
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