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Online Reviews Matter


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Interesting statistics from 2. Online reviews




>>>This survey finds that a substantial majority of the public now incorporates these customer ratings and reviews into their decision-making processes when buying something new:

Fully 82% of U.S. adults say they at least sometimes read online customer ratings or reviews before purchasing items for the first time, including 40% who say they always or almost always do so.

A little more than half (53%) of 18- to 29-year-olds and 47% of 30- to 49-year-olds say they always or almost always read online reviews when buying something for the first time.

Product review videos are also more common among those under 50 than among those 50 and older (68% vs. 41%) and more common among men than among women (62% vs. 50%). <<<


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I think it depends on the source. Some little known website --not believable.
Less that a few hundred reviews on a item (like on Amazon --it can form a guideline) a lot less like 5 or 10 reviews don't mean much to me.
A lot of reviews are what are called 'ringers' ;)
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One of the newer features some sites have now is the "Verified Buyer" feature. There really isn't any way for a consumer to confirm it when it is added to a review. I do know that many of the shop platform integrations have this built in now.


In my opinion, online reviews make businesses look trustworthy. They increase sales and improve search rankings for a business owner's website, especially when the companies pay attention to them (both positive and negative) to understand what to work on. I often check the PissedConsumer site for this purpose.
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Most of the online reviews are paid for / purchased. Online reviews don't matter in my opinion for people who know what the deal is. But it matters because those who don't know, look at them and gain trust from there.

For example, we do pay out but don't have much online reviews yet because most people don't care to leave reviews when it's good, except when they have an issue, which most times they create :rofl . You could have a good business, with little to no reviews, or have a bad business with a mixed reviews, and you can still make the positive reviews outnumber the bad reviews.

The most important thing is to do what you have to do. Do good business, do get good reviews popping.