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Ohio Technology Services - How to Format a Hard Drive with Windows XP

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by karimkayley, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. karimkayley

    karimkayley Affiliate affiliate

    Hi their,

    We will discuss about how to format a hard drive with windows XP?

    While formatting a computer hard drive you tend lose everything that is on the drive. Therefore, it is very important to back up anything. Also if you are going to be formatting and installing XP you need to ensure that you have the discs for any applications as you will need to re-install your programs and drivers after re-installing Windows.

    Steps for Formatting a Hard Drive

    • First step would be to Boot up PC with windows XP installation CD in CD-ROM Drive
    • Then "PRESS ANY KEY TO BOOT OFF CD" (Computer would prompt this message)
    • If computer boots to CD correctly, then you will see a BLUE screen which loads XP drivers.
    • Once all the drivers install, Press ENTER KEY or F8 to enter windows XP installation.
    • Press 'D' to remove any current partitions you might have.
    • Now press 'C' to create new partition.
    Thanks to AJS Promotional Media.
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